Glad Tidings of Great Joy
By Avatar Sathya Sai Baba, an avatar who resides in
Through Kathryn Jensen  

The Jewish symbol for the Star of David has six points.  Avatar Sathya Sai Baba is communicating about another presentation of the Star of David symbol.  Said Baba prefers to represent the Star of David as a five pointed star because the five points are far more representative of the actual shape of the body of Christ on the Cross.  Sai Baba feels the body of Christ on the Cross represents the consciousness of The Christ.  Avatar Sathya Sai Baba has taken the liberty to re-create the Star of David symbol.  He feels it is important to present this re-creation of the symbol to those who live on Earth at this time.  The consciousness of The Christ is the Consciousness of Love. Sai Baba states "There is only one religion, the religion of love." Sai Baba feels this five pointed star is a far more versatile, universal symbol than the six pointed Jewish Star of David. 

 This message from Sathya Sai Baba discusses the five pointed Star of David symbol.  Each point is a symbol representing the revolutionary message of Lord Jesus Christ.  His message has been widely broadcast for the past 2,000 years. His  commandment, “Love One Another,”  has never been more recognized as the absolute truth. 

  At this time in history the commandment “Love One Another” is revered by a very significant fellowship, from all conscious faiths, who know the commandment expresses the absolute truth. The members of this world wide fellowship are committed to living according to his commandment.   The members of this fellowship say “We have a resolute promise to our children to teach people that this commandment “Love One Another” is the absolute truth. 

  In this Christmas message I will give you the symbolism of each point in The Star of David. 


The top point is symbolic of caring for those who do nothing but serve themselves.  These people are self centered and do not give love nor are they likely to feel comfortable receiving love.  They are often those who crush other’s spirits.  They do their best to destroy the God Force in others. 

  The center left point is symbolic of loving people who have nothing material.  They are for example the poor people of Sai Baba’s India, the starving population of Africa , the refugees who live in the war torn Middle East and the defeated people who live in the slums of New York City .

  The center right point is symbolic of those who give so much love to others that they exhaust themselves.  They give no love to themselves.  These are for example the service oriented people who live at Sai Baba’s ashram and serve the many visitors who come to visit. They will themselves to serve, and serve and serve without considering their own needs. 

  The lower left point is symbolic of those who have such serious health problems that they can only receive healing assistance.  They have no energy to love themselves or others until they have received enough of the right kind of medical care.  Their life force is so low that they hover between life and death.  Their angels love them more than can be expressed.  They are soothed by their angels who tell them their only job is to either lighten their burden of ill health or give up their bodies and move into another level of consciousness. 

  The lower right point is symbolic of all the good people who are just beginning to learn to give and receive love.  They have very little awareness of what the commandment “Love One Another” really means.  They are the black and white thinkers who have all the answers.  They are very different from most of you who are reading this message.


You are the ones who realize that the harmonics of love regulate every single, complex spiritual experience anyone, anywhere ever has.  You are the ones who go to great lengths to say “There is only one religion, the religion of love.”  That is Avatar Sai Baba’s conscious statement. 

  There is only one path to follow.  That path is the path of giving and receiving love.  Those who waver sever their complete awareness of the true meaning of life. 

  Souls learn the meaning of “Love One Another” very, very slowly over multiple incarnations.  Learning about “Loving One Another” is the only commitment  anyone living here needs to focus on.  Of course that carries over to all aspects of life including taking care of ones’ basic survival.  Everything one does to cohabitate with others in community is an act of giving and receiving love. 

  All major religions have doctrine that is meaningful to people at different levels of soul development.  So be tolerant of those who are just beginning to learn about the  consciousness called “Love One Another.” 

  Focus on each point of The Star of David.  Send those represented by each point of the star The Red Ray of Christmas Spirit.  Send this Ray from your heart and visualize the people receiving The Red Ray of Christmas Spirit  into their own hearts. 

  You may notice people rejecting your gift. Don’t be concerned.  Just know they will learn to receive love when they are ready to accept the consequences.  The consequence is the same for all people who have developed a God Centered Focus.  Those who receive love must follow the path of listening to God every time they become confused.  They reach the point where they don’t like their lives very much if they forget to listen to God’s advice. 

  Many of you reading this message know exactly what Avatar Sathya Sai Baba is talking about don’t you! You all make mistakes and sometimes you make very big mistakes.  You learn from your mistakes and give God even more of your attention. 

  You are all great leaders.  Sai Baba wishes you all a Very Merry Christmas. “Love One Another” and have a lot of fun.  Enjoy yourselves and give everyone you meet The Red Ray of Christmas Spirit.  With joy you are serving others just by being who you are.  Give me, Avatar Sathya Sai Baba one promise.  Promise me you will love the commitment you have made to giving and receiving love as much as you love your commitment to loving others.   

  I am yours in service,

Avatar Sathya Sai Baba