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Light Work Literature  

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Many fascinating dolphin related articles on Sirius, Lemuria, dolphin healing and dolphin's relationship to mother earth are to be published here.  

Other articles of on different topics are to be published.  All publications in this section have been carefully selected to help you with your personal and spiritual transformation

What's New? 

Two Exciting New Books have been published in 2012/2013. Details are published at my sister site:

*Lightwork, Dolphins and Your Purpose is a guide book for healing fear as you discover your purpose and learn to  connect to the dolphins who are here to assist you in your evolution.

Learn More:

* Ashram of the Sea introduces to 16 spiritual leaders of Earth's community of dolphins and whales. These loving wise cetaceans share the part they and other members of their species play in activating Earth's Heart and the Human Heart with the Twenty Rays of Christ Consciousness.

Learn More:

The webpages dedicated to these books link you to facinating videos, a mini course and other information appreciated by passionate spiritual seekers who desire to deepen their bond with the dolphins and the whales. These pages are posted at my sister site



A  Gift for Children    

Splash!, a book for very special children, is available!

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Inspiring Messages:

The One Song Project  and a Message from The Heart Song of Oceana, June 21, 2009
Chaco's Funeral by Kathryn Jensen, A Love Story from  Hawaii

The Cetacean Nation Speaks

Cetacean Nation Speaks-November 10, 2010
Cetacean Nation Speaks-July 27th, 2010
Cetacean Nation Speaks-July 14th, 2010

Messages from Masters, Archangels, Avatars and Dolphins and Kathryn Jensen:

9-11 by Archangel Michael
Peace Blessing by Archangel Michael
The Holy Presence by Bly, a dolphin

Polarity, by The Committee 
Giving Thanks, by Archangel Michael ( Thanksgiving 2004)
The Ashram of the Sea by Lord Maitreya
Pictures of the Ashram of the Sea

Christmas Messages for all seasons:

Meaning of Christmas by Jesus
Joy by Bo (A Christmas message from a baby dolphin, his proud first attempt at poetry)
Glad Tidings of Great Joy, A Christmas Message from Sai Baba

Stories for Children 
Listen to Me!,  by Bo, A Young Dolphin
This is a story for great kids of all ages

The Red Ray of Unconditional Love 
Read The Red Ray of Unconditional Love, by the Arcturians
Enjoy this article by the Arcturians on The Red Ray of Unconditional Love.  
*Also read  Introduction  to The Blue Dolphin Essences    This course activates your hearts to embrace the 
Red Ray of Unconditional Love
* Read Messages from The Humpback Whales about U.S. Politics and The Red Ray 
               / St. Germain on Politics and the Violet Flame/The Humpback Whales Celebrate Obama's Inaguration

The Humpback Whale and
The Red Ray of Unconditional Love
Copyright  2008   Trish Regan and Doug Hackett

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