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I am as I am Consciousness & the Red Ray of Unconditional Love

By Sai Baba

Blue Dolphin Essences red ray of unconditional love has quietly been helping all of Sai Baba's disciples.  Baba has been bringing the red ray of unconditional love to his disciples ever since he was quite a young child.

Sai Baba has been bringing people love in many forms ever since he served God and he has always served God. Baba helped love be a world wide frequency and he has raised a few eyebrows as he has brought light workers into his aura and asked them to help him.

Sai Baba has asked more and more light workers to bring love into the human heart.  Sai Baba has also helped light workers become aware of how much healing of their hearts they have to let themselves experience before they join with Baba in loving other human beings.   

Sai Baba has been recruiting his loving friend, I am as I am guru Jesus, in giving light workers healing of their hearts.  Jesus and Baba have helped light workers develop approximately 150 light work methods.  All of these light work methods bring Christ Consciousness into the human experience. 

Blue Essences and their accompanying lectures and activations are one of the light work methods and this lecture is an introduction to the Blue Dolphin Essences.  Blue Dolphin Essences have lived in human consciousness for about 40,000 years.  

Human beings became aware of I am as I am consciousness during the Lemurian age and Blue Dolphin Essences bring people into the I am as I am frequency.  I am as I am consciousness is the consciousness of being completely red in frequency.  The red frequency is the color of the red ray of unconditional love. 

If a person has loved themselves enough,  the red ray gives the person its' introduction.  The red frequency joins them with loving themselves and as they learn to love themselves they learn to love others. 

Jesus and Baba have high expectations of their light workers and they have created a light work process for light workers who are interested in becoming red ray activators.  If light workers become red ray activators their healing abilities leap in effectiveness. 

Light workers who are from the Blue Dolphin lineage of human being are going to be the most appreciative of the Blue Dolphin Essence program.  Blue Dolphins are loving entities from a place called Sirius B.  Rare light workers who have maintained their Blue Dolphin characteristics are being looked for by Jesus and Baba. 

Such light workers hold the key to All That is Love.  All That is Love is the instruction on love taught  by Jesus and Baba. All of earth's love based  religions originated from this source of knowledge.  

If light workers who hold the key to All That is Love begin to join forces with Blue Dolphin Essences by using the essences, doing the activations and absorbing the lessons in the lectures,  They are going to remember their Blue Dolphin training and find great joy in once again teaching All That is Love. 

The intent of the Blue Dolphin Essence Program is to activate people for ascension.  Ascension means knowing how to love one's self unconditionally and as a result knowing how to love others unconditionally.  Those who conscientiously use this program will clear about 40% of their fear based patterns stored in the lower three chakras. 

Some light workers may have already accomplished a lot of healing and their red ray activation happens quickly.  Depending on how much healing a person has already accomplished this essence kit could take from three months to three years to benefit from as far of learning and applying the lessons and healing fear.

This essence kit is organized to help people clear 40% of their fear based patterns from their lower three chakras  This kit also provides instruction to a person in how to love themselves unconditionally.  If people can give unconditional love to themselves they can learn to love others unconditionally.   

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