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        Blue Dolphin Essences and Right Brain Dominance

By Sai Baba

All light work comes from God and every human has a different brain organization.  Every human has a unique I am as I am.  Every human  has a breakdown in the comprehension of God that happens because of their fear based patterns.  If fear is given a chance to heal a person's I am as I am becomes far clearer and every human has a different interpretation of how to become closer to God. 

Most who are attracted to Blue Dolphin Essences have a brain organization influenced by their dolphin past.  These people are likely to enjoy creative pursuits.  Many are creative, active, loving light workers who visualize concepts.  Instead of breaking down processes step by step,  they prefer to conceptualize by looking at the entire process before breaking it down. 

Those who conceptualize this way don't have patience with step by step instructions that never include a picture of what is intentionally being completed.  If these people receive instructions for a process  that includes visualization and feeling of feelings, they can then anchor that concept in their left brain as well as their right brain.  If they have to learn without a visual picture of the whole concept and without the anchoring of feeling they tend to become bored and give up on a learning process

Blue Dolphin Essences are God's gift to this type of learner.  Learners of this type have often felt abandoned by teachers who gave them a lot of information without anchoring it into whole picture or feeling.

Blue Dolphin Essences appeal to  people who build their lives around joyful encounters with nature, loving others, moving their bodies, and living as harmoniously with mother earth as any group now inhabiting earth.  The Essences will appeal to many who are artists, healers, environmental activists and loving friends to dolphins.  

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