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A Blue Dolphin Essence Success Story

This example is given because it illustrates how the dolphin lesson of unconditional love can influence not only individuals but an entire community.  It also illustrates the interplay between Jesus and Sai Baba and Blue Dolphins.  

One participant in the essence program was locked in grief about having lost her angelic freedom.  Having a body has caused her a breakdown in acceptance of being human. 

As she has used Blue Dolphin Essences, her life has been brought into alignment with Christ Consciousness.  As she has learned to love herself more, she has learned to receive help from Ascended Masters and Avatar Sathya Sai Baba.  She has learned to give her body all the loving care it has ever asked for. Her mental, emotional and physical health have improved so much that she has begun to enjoy life even as it brings her  lousy encounters with illness of family members and bad luck in business.  Life has been leading her into encounter after encounter with life as God has intended it to be. 

God has always been a force of love in every one's life but as people love themselves they learn to receive more help from God.  Jesus is going give some examples of how this persons life has begun to flow from one encounter with God to another.

#1 essence user ( the previously mentioned participant in this program), has a sister and brother in law who became  devotees of Sai Baba's after they  received a gift of Baba's vibhuti (sacred healing ash) one Christmas.  The vibhuti was received because of a conversation this Blue Dolphin Essence user had with her sister on the telephone.  Her sister was interested with her association with Sai Baba and said, "I want some vibhuti."

A third sister just happened to be at a craft show at the time of this conversation.  There just happened to be bags of Sai Baba manifested vibhuti  being given away.  She gave her sisters and her brother in law vibhuti for Christmas. 

Alas #1 essence users sister's wish for receiving Vibhuti  was granted!  It was granted because this #1 user could ask Baba for a gift.  Gifts are only given by God if it is in the best interest of the receiver. 

#1 essence user's sister began to use the Blue Dolphin Essences.   The husband of the #1 essence user's sister  became paralyzed because of an accident  on August 21, of 2000 .  A bale of hay fell on his head and his neck was broken.  He became extremely ill as a result of his accident.

Loss of movement combined with infection after infection created a heavy burden for his emotional body.  A state of depression was brought on by an immense conflict about being alive.  Many questions came up about accepting life and receiving help.

He has received Jesus and Sai Baba as residents in his hospital room.  he has received injection after injection after injection of Blue Dolphin Essences from Jesus, Baba and Blue Dolphins. 

He was able to be connected to Blue Dolphins by his wife, essence user #2,  who carried the assistance of Blue Dolphins, Jesus and Baba into her own aura.  Her connection with Blue Dolphins, of course happened because of her use of the essences. #1 user visited her brother in law and helped her sister, #2 essence user, transmit Blue Dolphin assistance to her husband.

She did this by teaching her sister to give her husband hands on healing.

In spite of his death wish the accident victim has developed an ability to just be and receive help which is as life is meant to be.  He has received gift after gift. 

He has received  $60,000 or more in contributions, including some sizable anonymous contributions. 

His entire house has been made wheel chair accessible with a beautiful addition being built.  The labor force was entirely volunteer.  

His family has been given about four dinners a week by loving neighbors since the time of the accident. 

He has received help almost daily from a naturopath who has given him homeopathic remedies, nutritional  help and energy work.                                                                                           

His business has been held in place by his employees and new employees with unique gifts have been hired since his accident. 

His life focus has changed.  He now knows about heaven coming and giving him gifts.  He has his quite significant challenges with keeping himself alive.  He still questions his aliveness and being in a body but he has loved himself enough to learn to receive help from God. 

His entire community has learned a lesson in loving one another unconditionally.  His family has learned about living  every moment as if it were more precious than the next. 

He has given more than he has received.  Jesus estimates he has  inspired about 2,000 people to love others unconditionally.  His gifts have been received by a community of people who had typical conflicts with one another before this accident.  Many community members dropped their conflicts so they could work together to help the accident victim and his family.

He has transmitted the Blue Dolphin lesson to about 2000 people.  The lesson is that if you learn to love yourself unconditionally you learn to love others unconditionally.  All 2,000 people have lessons in giving and receiving unconditional love to themselves and others. 

Blue Dolphins are holding him, as are Jesus and Sai Baba.  They will continue maintaining residence in his bedroom.  He is beginning to feel better about his accident and his paralyzed condition.  As he learns to love himself more he is going to accept more and more healing of his physical body.  He is a prime example of why it is so important to learn to love yourself. 

His entire life is headed towards giving Baba his assistance.  Baba recruits disciples to help him with one job.  The job is to just love one another. 

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