Facts about Blue Dolphin Essences

A Course in Loving Yourself as You Love Another

This a course in ascension that emphasizes learning the skills of unconditional love for self and others.  There are ten essences and each essence is accompanied by lectures and activations that increase the frequency of the heart in specific ways. The book was communicated to Kathy Jensen primarily by Jesus.  There is a section communicated by Sai Baba and another one communicated by Ascended Master Vywamus. 

  There are other Ascended Masters and avatar  cetaceans   mentioned in the titles,  because their teachings are being discussed with regard to a particular essence. Jesus and Sai Baba are the primary authors and designers of this program, but many Ascended Masters are involved behind the scenes. Here is an very brief overview of the emphasis of each essence. 

Essence #1 The Essence of All That is Love by Jesus
Emphasis - Learning the skill of loving yourself through clearing fear based patterns.

Essence #2  The Essence of unconditional Love by Sai Baba
Emphasis -  Learning the fundamentals of loving yourself unconditionally

Essence #3  Essence of Resonance with God  by Jesus and Simon Peter
Emphasis -  Becoming a Christ Consciousness bridge between  every Human you encounter and the earth that harbors your foundation for living.

Essence  #4  Essence of the Soul's Light by Jesus and Lulu, an avatar dolphin
Emphasis -  This connects you to higher consciousness as Lulu connects you through a frequency called a harmonic  (dolphin language).

Essence #5  Essence of Insights into the Future  by Jesus and Bim, an avatar whale
Emphasis -   In-depth techniques for healing fear based patters. The information on this ability will be  given to all humans in the near future.

Essence #6 Essence of the Truth  by Jesus and Archangel Raphael
Emphasis -  In depth training in loving another unconditionally and having the clarity and insight to look beneath the surface of their behaviors.

Essence #7  Essence of Union  by Vywamus
Emphasis -  Developing union between the human heart and the heart of mother earth. 

Essence #8   Essence of Loving One Another by Jesus and Mary
Emphasis -  Learning the skill of loving one another vs. acting as if you love another

Essence #9  Essence of Contemplation on Love  by Jesus and Torkum Saraydarian
Emphasis  -  Clearing the mental body with seed thought meditations on stability, joy, humility and temperance

Essence #10  Essence of Loving All That is Not Working  by Jesus
Emphasis -  Learning the skill of loving someone unconditionally you are having a conflict with.


 See Facts about Blue Dolphin Essences for more information.