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Home Temple Essence KitsBlue Dolphin Essence Kit

The Essences for the Home Temple are  called The Peacekeepers.  The essences are helpful to people who are desire to heal anxiety, fear and other emotions that prevent them from feeling peaceful.  The Essences for the Home Temple are blessed and activated by loving angelic beings called blue dolphins.    

For more insight see In Depth Introductory Information

For information on how and why the the essences work on a physiological level see Data.

Experience Grace   
Purchase  a $20.00 bottle of Grace  
  The bottle is a four ounce spray bottle that can be sprayed in the air or applied to the heart.  

Grace yourself with the soothing, calming effects of this one Essence for the Home Temple   

Through extensive field testing I have found that Grace, when applied to the heart or sprayed in the air, has an immediate calming and soothing effect on people. 

See Data for the very interesting results of my field testing with Grace and other essences.  See testimonials, observations and information from aura scanning and the beneficial effects of Grace on the autonomic nervous system.  

The essence called Grace is one of twenty Essences for the Home Temple. I am selling. The other essences are not sold separately.  

To purchase a bottle of Grace see Ordering Details.

The Four Kits

  The Essences for the Home Temple are divided into four kits.  Each kit represents the one aspect  of inner peace. Use the essences to experience enhanced inner peace in the following ways:

Four options for using the essences....
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