Giving Thanks
by Archangel Michael
Through Kathryn Jensen

This communication from Archangel Michael is very specifically directed to those who voted for Kerry.  He asks however that this communication be shared with many.  Some may have voted for Bush.  Archangel asks that those who voted for Bush read the following message with open hearts as they do their best to feel and recognize the truth behind every word being expressed.



The crazy political campaign in the United States of America has left many people around the world wondering if God gave up on living in the minds and hearts of the American people.  Many Americans are wondering if they live in the right country.  They feel alienated from the segment of the American public that voted for President Bush.  They wonder if life on Earth will survive another four years of President Bush in office.

  A common fear many of you share is that his policies will cripple the conscientious efforts of environmentalists who passionately desire to find another way of living harmoniously and abundantly.   Many of you crave, for example, support in developing sustainable agricultural practices that enhance the health of Mother Earth. 

  There is a difficult struggle ahead for President Bush and his supporters.  Why? Archangel Michael observes many of you share  many if not all of the values and concerns expressed in the following affirmation.  Archangel Michael observes many of you are inspired to take appropriate action.

  You feel deeply that your values represent the values that most people hold in their hearts.  You feel deeply that these values are embedded in the consciousness of mankind.

You feel deeply that some people forget to love themselves. People forget that loving themselves and others ultimately creates peace within and a devotion to creating Peace on Earth.


An Affirmation
My Commitment to Creating World Peace

With love I take up arms.

  I support every environmental group thatís authentically working on life style changes that heal the contamination of Earthís oceans and heal the strife filled areas of the planet.  Such areas may lack sensible environmental practices in part due to greed and in part to too many people stripping the land of much needed fire wood, water and other resources.  I support environmental groups that serve with World Peace as their primary objective.   I take charge of my own Earthly existence. 

  I support alternative educational groups that honor the magical, brilliance of the human child.  Such groups know that children beautifully and perfectly spell out exactly what they must have to learn how to become God centered, immensely gifted leaders. 

  I learn to heal my own body.  I disperse my wisdom by being an excellent role model.  People ask me how I keep myself so physically fit with bright eyes and shining hair.  People ask me how I live such a busy life without becoming tired and worn out.  People  want to know why I have such love and excitement for life when Iíve obviously experienced such difficult times. 

  I take charge of my own thoughts as I create my own reality with my daily intention.  I have such power to live a happy, healthy, purposeful life.  Of course I have problems.  I recognize my problems as challenges my soul asks me to resolve. As I learn to resolve problems, I become more and more resilient and capable of taking positive action, even when circumstances are dreadful and many surrounding me feel hopeless. 

  I take cruel people into my heart.  I place them in my heart and ask my Holy Presence to listen to their problems and hold them in the consciousness of love.  I have no fear of holding them within my heart.  These people just havenít found out how loved they are by the Holy Presence they hold in their own hearts.

  I have special companions in life who share my purpose.  We promise to help one another love others and ourselves.  We promise to keep one another in our hearts as highly compatible supporters of our evolution. We help one another comprehend the consciousness of giving and receiving love.  We support one another in telling the truth.  We support one another in standing in our truth even if others become upset with us. 

  I am that I am.  I am a healing force in my world.  I have all the love that I ask for.  I am a completely loving person who loves to do what my Holy Presence asks me to do.  Call me a conscientious objector to war.  Call me a left wing, lively, God filled, temple of the God Head.

   I am a sentient being living here on Earth so I may further the commitment of the Human Race to giving and receiving love. 

  I am that I am.Ē



  The affirmation above is a powerful one that I, Archangel Michael, suggest that you post in front of you and memorize. ( Feel free to modify the affirmation to succinctly reflect your unique perspective.) If you fulfill the commitment expressed in this affirmation in small increments you will be providing the Holy Presence with the power to influence many of those you fear have lost their way. 

  You donít have to enter the lives of people you fear have lost their way and threaten them with dire predictions of gloom and doom if they donít make changes in their approach to living.  Be a beacon of the Holy Spirit.  Work within your own circle of influence.  Take action with those groups you love and support.  Stay away from groups who prophesize The End of the World.  Hold yourself up. Stand tall.  Tell your gentle, loving Holy Presence that you would appreciate learning more and more about how to interpret the golden  presence of Grace that serves you so beautifully when you ask for help.



  I, Archangel Michael, now offer you a blessing of Thanksgiving.  Say this on Thanksgiving morning when you awaken.  Say this at appropriate times throughout the day.  Say this blessing every time you encounter a person who you dislike, mistrust or disagree with.

  A Thanksgiving Blessing

  I give thanks to the Holy Presence in my heart.

  Love is the only answer.

  I give thanks to my Soul that leads me so beautifully through my murky, dark  experiences with living.

  Love is the only answer.

  I give thanks to the startlingly, complex politics of my time.

  Love is the only answer.

  I give thanks to my crowded schedule that pulls me from my quiet time and challenges my commitment to hold myself in the Holy Presence.

  Love is the only answer.

  I give thanks to the stranglehold the war in Iraq holds so many of Earthís citizens in as they fear annihilation of life on Earth as we know it. 

  Love is the only answer.

  I give thanks to the magical presence of every child.  I hold every child in my heart and ask that my Holy Presence lead each child to listening to his or her Holy Presence. 

  Love is the only answer.

  I am that I am.      

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