Archangel Michael  10-12-02

I received this from Archangel of November 12, 2002.  This was the day Bali was bombed by terrorists.  Say this blessing to yourself everyday for 20 days. Please share this extensively.  

A Peace Blessing

 I am the bridge between war and peace.

I am the communicator of the blessing Peace be with you.

I am the broker of peace on Earth.

I am the bold one who stands up and says I am a blessing and I ask that you bring me happiness.  I am happy as I observe you being the blessing you are.

I am a concerned citizen of Mother Earth who expects blessings to be bestowed on all of us who reside here.

I ask for my birth right of bringing all of Earth’s children up to be peaceful citizens of Mother Earth

I am a bearer of love.

I bear my love to those who have no love for me.

I bear my happiness to those who believe consciousness of happiness cannot coexist with consciousness of destruction.\

I am a bearer of blessings to communicators of hatred.

I am a bearer of blessings to brokers of war.

I am a bearer of blessing to Iraqi president Sadam Hussein.

I am the bearer of blessings to his commanding officers.

I am the bearer of blessings to his communities of terrorists.

I have a solution to this belief of his in bearing arms. 

I have a solution to this belief in President bush in bearing arms.

I have a solution called healing the broken hearts of those who believe no one carries a solution to breaking the cycle of retribution.

Here is my solution: 

I clear my own aura of desire for retribution.

I heal my own fear of war between myself and my belief that I have no influence on the course of world events. 

I am the soul who is responsible for world peace.

I am the blessing known as Commander in Chief of my own destiny. 

I am the bridge between war and peace.

Archangel Michael asks that you share this blessing with everyone who comes into your life.  Believe in your capacity to be a healer of this beautiful Planet Earth.  There are bearers of bad news and there are bearers of blessings.  I am asking all of you to be bearers of blessings.

Love has the power to heal.  Have you loved yourself out of fear lately? 

Calling on all of you has been my pleasure. 

I am yours in Service,

Archangel Michael