Archangel Michael  9-14-01

I received this from Archangel Michael after the terrorist attack on New York City on 9-11-01.  Iím publishing on this on this site because the message is relevant in the here and now.  Please share this with those who would honor and appreciate it.  

The force of your conviction is being tested. Can you take charge, of the freedom to live in a world, filled with certainty that there is grace for all who serve God?  The critical formula for living with your work of spreading divine wisdom is to live your life as if you create your own reality.  This is literally what stands as the truth.  Does this work with your own beliefs about creating a world of peaceful co-existence? 

You have to be the love.  You have to be the light.  You have to be the courage to say, ď I am a person who creates my own world filled with the courageous act of solving all problems with the power of love.Ē 

The crisis in your world is created by those who believe that striking back at your enemies is the divine right of the chosen ones.  The chosen ones will lead the soul of every person to their correct position in Godís kingdom.  The collapse of their conviction that they have all the answers cannot be achieved until those of you who serve love progress.

Progress towards  removing all programming from you belief system that creates conflict with others.  You create your own conflict.  Delve into the realm of the unconscious to discover why your life leads you to conflict.  You will discover that all of your conflicts with others serve nothing but your unconscious desire to get back at those who wronged you. 

It is the progress you make towards solving your own internal conflict that solves the external conflict in your world. 

The direct influence you have on your world is remarkable.

 The calamity you have just experienced in your world is merely a reflection of what rages in the unconscious world of the perpetrators.  They give  retaliation against those who wronged them in their past.

They have the capacity to heal.  They have the capacity to love.  They have the capacity to live in peace.

Satanic forces are the creation of the human unconscious.  Satanic forces are the sensitivities you have to your parents telling you that you arenít good enough.  Satan is the anger you didnít express when someone did you wrong.  Satan is the resentment you feel about not being loved. 

The collective progress you make towards healing your wounds creates a love force in the world.  This force of love starts to penetrate the deep resentment people react against.  The stability of their drive to inflict harm will be disarmed. 

This isnít mere conjecture.

 We have witnessed what you do when you become the love you are.

When you become the love you are you resolve your conflicts with the power of love.  You free yourself of programming that keeps you from feeling at peace.  Your peaceful, loving presence affects others.  Just by being in the presence of another you directly affect the sword of retaliation they hold out to the world. 

When you collectively serve your God by being the love you are there will be a toppling over of structures that serve only those who desire to protect their right to retaliate. 

The Christ has a way of dissolving fear based patterns because fear and love are incompatible.  The density of fear dissolves only in the presence of the highest of all frequencies,  love.

When you become the love you are you are the Christ.  Progress towards becoming the Christ.  This is your work.  It is within your grasp. 

This is your wake-up call.

This is your world.

Become the love you are.

You are All That Is.

Yours in service,

Archangel Michael