The Ashram of the Sea
by Lord Maitreya
Through Kathryn Jensen

   The cetaceans or the dolphins and whales of Mother Earth serve a special purpose in the lives of human beings. 
Cetaceans have lived on Earth for approximately 50,000,000 years and through out this time, have contributed to the development of Earthís electromagnetic grid system which includes the system of vortexes.  The human force field is very connected to this electromagnetic grid.  Human life depends on the interplay between Earthís grid system and the human force field.

   Cetaceans perpetually conduct the business of communication with one another through this complex grid system.  Their very complex methods for communication have been researched by biologist Dr. John Lilly.

  Lily also researched the cetacean brain. Contemporary researches have refined Dr. Lillyís research. Researchers state that the cetacean brain has a far bigger capacity for rational thought than the human brain.

  The cetaceans of Mother Earth share the human desire to live in peace. They share concern about the environment. Cetaceans know how to live in peace. Cetaceans, however, have no control over contamination of their home environment, the sea.

  Cetaceans communicate in a way that percolates through the consciousness of people who have learned to quiet their minds and listen.  Cetaceans communicate telepathically through a diverse group of people, who have the capacity to receive their heartfelt pleas for conscious environmental action and peaceful resolution to conflict. 

  For example, sensitive, aware, biologists, scholars, energy healers and spiritually gifted children receive cetacean messages. These people provide their own special interpretations of the cetaceanís consciousness of how to live peacefully and treat Mother Earth with reverence. 

  The scholars have followed the course of human-cetacean relationships throughout time.  The comfort and sustenance that cetaceans have provided human beings has included rescue of humans stranded at sea, helping fishermen catch fish, leading boats safely through potentially dangerous  reefs into sheltered bays,  leading swimmers to shore when sharks posed a potential threat, and various other acts that let people know cetaceans care for them and respect them. 

  Scholars have also cited stories and legends concerning the spiritual power of cetaceans.  Throughout human history cetaceans have very definitely influenced the spiritual awareness of human beings. 

  We, the brethren of higher realms of consciousness, encourage a deepening of the human-cetacean relationship. We provide leadership to people in learning to hold the frequency of love in their heart centers.  We feel cetaceans model this ability.

  We have reverence for you and your compassionate concern for healing the environment and promoting a depth of peaceful co-existence among human beings.  In ancient Lemuria, the cetaceans lived side by side human beings, as equal partners, in structuring peaceful communities. They lived in complete harmony with the natural world.  This consciousness has been resurfacing.

  A partnership between human beings and cetaceans has been developing.  For example, in certain communities around the world, people are privileged to be able to swim in warm, safe waters with pods of dolphins.  The pod consciousness has begun to permeate the cellular structure of the people who swim with dolphins regularly. 

  Pod consciousness is awareness of how to live peacefully in community.  Pod consciousness is awareness of how to heal the waters of the planet. 

  The principle of polarity has been exposed to people who swim on a regular basis with dolphins.  These people purify their container of the physical and emotional bodies so deeply that they begin to experience certain physical and emotional challenges. They begin to detoxify the physical body and physical problems that have lain dormant may surface, create discomfort and the person may pursue healing of the problem. 

  The emotionally challenging experience of fear based pattern removal begins in the presence of dolphins.  People experience the surfacing of trauma experienced in childhood.  As childhood trauma surfaces and clears, people experience the memories of problems experienced in previous incarnations. 

  Dolphins live in a frequency love thatís able to be measured with instruments used in scientific research.  Dolphins utilize this frequency of love to help one another heal the effects of trauma.  They have advanced energy healing skills.  Therefore, when dolphins experience trauma, they assist one another in immediately releasing and healing the negative effects of the daily life problems they experience. 

  Dolphins reverse the effects of the trauma, they experience daily, in their efforts to survive.  Dolphins experience frustration and anger just like people do.  They store pockets of dark feelings in their chakras just like people do.  They have, however, the physical apparatus to sonar one another with high frequency sound waves.  They have the physical apparatus to trouble shoot one anotherís dark spots in their forcefields.  They lift one anotherís frequencies with very conscious use of sonar.  They are very adept healers of one anotherís physical and emotional challenges. 

  So when humans swim with a pod of dolphins or even one dolphin they often feel energized.  People who swim with dolphins often experience feelings of bliss, joy and contentment.

Occasionally,  after leaving the pod after a swim experience, people go through their daily lives and experience dark feelings of despair.  That signals the purification of fear based patterns. 

  This process can continue long enough to starve the person of dark frequencies.  This can take several years for some people.  It may take a few months for those who have already done extensive healing work. 

  Many people temporarily stop swimming with dolphins. They recognize the fact that this pattern of feeling heart melting bliss, while swimming with dolphins, and perhaps for many hours afterwards, can be followed by challenges such as sleep disturbance or depression.  Such people recognize, after comparing their experiences with others, that there is a powerful purification effect people experience when swimming with dolphins. 

  This phenomenon has been noticed by professionals in the healing arts and psychology.  There is a growing movement of such professionals, who initiate group experiences, to combine dolphin swims with other healing experiences. 

  Dolphins seek human contact.  They long for this contact because it is the best way for them to lift a personís frequency.  This process helps a person surface enough fear to process his or her own soulís code for living.  Every humanís soulís code asks for peaceful, harmonious co-existence among all living things. 

  Simply being present with a dolphin lifts a personís frequency.  Dolphins rarely isolate a person for personal attention to their individual healing needs.  This does happen but such incidents are rare. 

  The healing people experience with dolphins resembles the healing people experience when they visit the ashram of an advanced spiritual leader.  Those who swim with dolphins are visiting the Ashram of the Sea and attending darshan with the delightful, playful, light hearted, heart awakening teachers, the dolphins of Planet Earth. 

  If such people are living lives in attunement with the consciousness of the pod, they live playful, light hearted, peaceful lives as they promote deep respect for the environment.  The lives of people who have adopted the ways of pod consciousness are very centered on caring for one another in a way that promotes community awareness of their preferred way of living. 

  The harmonics used by dolphins, in healing basic physical challenges, has been studied by research biologists.  One research biologist, who has been following up on the studies of Dr. John Lilly, states that swimming with dolphins helps people reach a state of entrainment.  Entrainment means balance of the autonomic nervous system.  There are meditation practices that facilitate entrainment. 

  People, who swim with dolphins regularly, tend to maintain a state of entrainment more easily than most people.  People, who meditate regularly, using specific breathing techniques, also maintain a state of entrainment more easily than most people.  This is also known as stress management.  People who manage stress skillfully are unquestionably in better health than those who do not. 

  Researchers have found that the energy healing capacities of dolphins far surpass the energy healing abilities of the average human.  Dolphins present humans with a model for healing, which can be translated into healing methods, appropriate for human beings to use with one another. 

  The positive effects of dolphin-human contact far outweigh the difficulties.  The difficulties of course include the lack of respect of swimmers and boat operators who chase or touch dolphins. 

  Dolphins open peopleís hearts.  Open heartedness in a person activates soul communication.  The soul facilitates peaceful co-existence in the harmonic of God-Goddess-All that is or the frequency of love.  Helping dolphins, free themselves from environmental contamination and the effects of inappropriate use of sonar, is the mission of all who have matched the frequency of their heart centers with the heart centers of dolphins. 

  The Ashram of the Sea is open to all who live on Planet Earth.  Pod consciousness permeates the ocean.  Service to people, in opening their hearts, to their soulís code, is the common purpose of dolphins and whales.  Dolphins have the capacity to live where people live and touch their hearts, whether or not they swim with them. 

  Those conscious people, who swim with dolphins regularly, become leaders who wake people up to their potential to live in the harmonic of love.  There is a world wide phenomenon of people craving contact with dolphins. 

  Complex challenges are experienced by dolphins held in captivity.  Dolphins, however, do volunteer for life in captivity.  Through their caretakers and others who love them, dolphins are communicating about how to provide them with living conditions that promote their happiness, health and well being. 

  The hearts and souls of all people and all dolphins and whales are learning to collaborate in creating peaceful, healthy, joy filled lives for all who live on Earth. All of us who reside in higher realms of existence provide you with help in achieving this goal.  We provide you with support in communicating with and learning from the cetaceans.

  We love, honor and respect you for your commitment to being in human form.  Life in human form opens you to rich opportunities for consciously opening your hearts and souls to love - light.  You are learning to become universal leaders in opening other beings elsewhere to higher and higher levels of love - light. 

  Go forth.  We appreciate your sensitivity to living where you must put up with corruption.  You help balance the extreme polarities. Your skills for overwhelming dark forces have been enhanced by your contacts with dolphins and whales.

Yours in service,
Lord Maitreya

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