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September Dolphin/Whale Play Shops in Colorado
September One-On-One Sessions in Colorado
 February-March - Blissful Learning and Joyful Dolphin/Whale Encounters on   The Big Island of Hawaii Uplifting Video’s and an Incredible True 

A Golden Spiral Play Shop
Dolphin Inspired Hooponopono

Sunday, September 13th 3pm-5 pm Conifer Colorado
Wednesday, September 16th 7pm-9 pm Granby Colorado
Sunday, September 20th 3pm-5pm Granby Colorado

 Hooponopono is an ancient Hawaiian practice of taking full responsibility for every dark or challenging encounter with another and every complicated struggle you have with life on Planet Earth as you heal with the power of love.

  We’ve all heard the statements that we create our own reality and every person we encounter provides a mirror for what’s going on within. Previously I’ve found teachings in those concepts to be frustratingly confusing and lacking in depth and compassion.
(And yes I’ve read every book and seen every movie and studied metaphysics and spirituality for 25 years and I’m quite intelligent!)

  Finally after studying Hooponopono as explained in “Zero Limits” by Joe Vitale and Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len, I get it!!  Yes.  President Bush was elected and I’m responsible.

.(no I didn’t vote for him!! And no I’m not consumed with guilt. It’s just the way it is. )  

 The book provides a wise, in-depth explanation of these phenomenon and So Do The Dolphins and the Whales!!

 The dolphin-whale inspired curriculum , Coat of Many Colors, provides a  right brain, exuberant powerful, precise version of Hooponopono.

 During this two hour experience you will:

  • View videos of my Hawaii dolphin-whale swim experiences
  • You’ll receive support in zeroing in situations with life and people that deplete you, depress you, anger you etc.
  • You’ll be provided with your own individual Ray of Christ Consciousness …just the right frequency to spark your individual healing
  • You’ll be led in the use of your Ray of Christ Consciousness and an Essence for the Home Temple in a process of Hooponopono to diffuse the negativity and replace it with love
  • Dolphins, whales, Ascended Masters, Archangels and your guides will assist in the process! 

 For in-depth info on The Golden Spiral Play Shops, Coat of Many Colors and The Twenty Rays of Christ Consciousness – see ,,



Cost: Sliding Scale $20-$40
Instructor: Kathryn Jensen
Registration:  Call 303 590 4165 –
Directions emailed to you upon registration.

 One-on-one Sessions Offered September 11th- 14th in Conifer Colorado
Adult Sessions-2 hrs. fee $150.00 – Include creation of a Blue Dolphin Essence just for you and a post session channeled message from your guides and mine meant to support you in your healing. 

 Children 1 hr. with 15 minute follow -up with parent etc. – fee $75.00

 Six Days of blissful learning and joyful dolphin-whale encounters

The Big Island of Hawaii !
February 26-March 3, 2010

 The Course Coat of Many Colors will be taught in combination with wild dolphin swims and humpback whale encounters!!

 Pure Enjoyment!

 My Morning Swims-Chance Encounters-Enjoy!!
See YouTube- Morning Jump Start and Swim Distractions

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 Read Chaco’s Funeral by Kathryn Jensen, A Love Story from the Big Island of Hawaii