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Facts, Questions and Answers

When I order an essence kit what can I expect to receive? What are the essences made of?  

You will receive a box with five blue glass, one ounce bottles of essences in it. You will also receive an 8.5x11, 15 page  instruction book with four options for using these very versatile essences. The bottles contain activated, blessed potentized distilled water.  The essences do not contain essential oils, flower essences, or gem elixers.  

Do people really experience breakthroughs in healing or behavior when they just live with the essences in their houses?

People have experienced  breakthroughs in interesting ways.  One person for example lives with the essences but doesnít pay any attention to their effect.  Her breakthrough has taken place without her noticing.  Her brother noticed a change in her and said ďHow come you have dolphins all over the place.  Youíve always loved dolphins but now you have pictures of dolphins and statues of dolphins and cdís with dolphin harmonics.Ē  She said ďI have no idea.  I just feel like it. Dolphins make me happy.Ē 

 How come this kind of color healing in option three hasnít been written about? Iím very careful about work I do with myself and I canít find anything about rays represented by color being housed in the chakras. 

There is literature about this.  Itís in the Holy Bible in the old testament book of Genesis 37:3,4.  This is the Story of Josephs Coat of Many Colors.  A metaphysical interpretation is that his coat represented his highly developed light body.  The twenty rays of Christ Consciousness represented by the essences and the colored rays are also known as the levels of light body.  As a person activates their chakras through healing fear their light body develops.  A person with a highly developed light body has a distinctive aura.  The aura has multiple layers made of multiple colors and the colors of each ray of Christ Consciousness are included.  There is a one day course called A Coat of Many Colors that goes deeply into this information.

 Are there any comparable essences in the market place? Every time I go to a metaphysical fair or any New Age event thereís one booth after another selling essences.

These essences are activated, blessed, potentized, distilled water.  There are no flower essences, essential oils or minerals holding the frequency.  The appropriate frequency is pulsed into each bottle by angelic beings called blue dolphins.  These blue dolphins use me, Kathy Jensen as their conduit. 

 Can these essences be damaged by x-ray machines in airports or other electromagnetic devices?

The answer is no and the reasons are complicated to explain. They are like crystals in the consistent energy they produce.  Donít be concerned with damaging them but of course treat them with respect.  They work best in light filled rooms with beautiful surroundings. 

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