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The Essences for the Home Temple
The Peacekeepers

The Essences for the Home Temple help people help to create the home as a temple for personal and spiritual transformation. The Essences for the Home Temple are also called “The Peacekeepers.” The essences promote peaceful environments and peaceful contemplation, prayer and meditation.   They  promote inner peace when used for self-healing or healing facilitated by a professional.   

See Data for information on how and why the essences work on a physiological level.

 Essences for the Home Temple are blessed and activated by loving angelic beings called blue dolphins.  These loving beings have asked for the privilege of coming into your lives to help you love yourself. 

There are four essence kits.  Each essence kit contains five one ounce bottles.  The essences contain blessed, potentized water. Each bottle carries the frequency of one ray of Christ Consciousness.  Another word for Christ Consciousness is Love.  Each ray is associated with an aspect of consciousness that develops as people love themselves out of fear. 

 There are seven major chakras associated with the human energy matrix.  Each ray is associated with one of the major chakras. As people become aware of the fact that love is all there is, they activate their chakras.  People become aware of this fact as they heal their fear based patterns.  (See Option Three above for more information.) 

Fear based patterns stem from sabotaging beliefs that prevent people from feeling peaceful as they live their daily lives.  The fields of counseling and energy healing emphasize helping people heal fear based patterns. An example of a fear based pattern might be always apologizing for not doing a good job based on a belief that "I'm not good enough."

People who heighten their consciousness of love of self, heal their fear with far less resistance.  As their auras become clearer the angelic kingdom can hold them more effectively in the healing frequency angels are known to represent.  

 The Essences for the Home Temple collect this healing frequency in their blue bottles.  If you place them in a room in your home where you can comfortably sit in quiet contemplation you will notice a heightened sense of feeling peaceful.  If you feel more peaceful you your behavior towards others reflects your feelings of being at peace. 

  There are four sets of Essences for the Home Temple.  Each one represents a different aspect of inner peace.  There are five rays represented by each set.  Each essence assists you in building a core belief in your own capacity to live peacefully with yourself and others.

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