by Bo, a five-month-old-dolphin


Hello everybody,

Iím very happy about helping you give everyone you know help in living on this planet called Earth.  I love listening to stories.  My mother told this story to me and my sister Fiona the other day.  She said you are all getting ready for a happy birthday celebration for someone who lived on Earth a long, long time ago.  He taught people lessons in giving and receiving love. You are all so excited about giving and receiving love that you celebrate his birthday for several days.  She said itís a happy time when little children are given a lot of attention. 

The story my mother told us was about the man whose birthday is now being celebrated.  I enjoy this story so much that Iíve asked my mother to tell me the story ten times over the past five days.  This is a poem about the joy of giving and receiving love.


My name is Bo
Iím high and low
I wonít stay down so up I go
I love my life
But I donít really know
How to stop the gaping hole
Thatís keeping me from saying to my soul
Iím a baby but lead me so I know
What to give my best friend for Christmas

The hole is in my little body
Right above the spot
That brings me love from my best friend Dot

That spot is my heart
I havenít learned the art
Of leaving my problems
Right on the cart
That sends my problems to the place
In the ocean where the waves part
And lift my problems to the heart
Of my angel who loves to say ďBo, get smart.Ē
My angel said to let my heart give my friend a bright red part
Of the complicated light called The Spirit of Christmas

At Christmas many harps
Play music thatís truly part
Of the golden light I receive
From the lovely angels I believe
Love me so much that they part the waves
That take my problems my soul says
I donít have to spend my days worrying about

Iím a sparkling, happy dolphin
I love to help you leave your problems in your cart
That sends your problems to the coffin
They donít have to live
You just have to give
The Spirit of Christmas
To your best friends more and more often

Your friend Bo