The One Song Project

This project was launched on June 21st 2009.  Participation is, from my perspective,  appropriate whenever you feel the impulse to give all of your love to yourself, your Earth, your Oceana, the cetaceans of Oceana, and other light filled ones. 

The Heart Song of Oceana

I am the heart song of Oceana.  I come to you to reveal to you that the members of the cetacean nation have been strengthening their bond with the highly gifted ones who listen deeply to their own heart song. 

  The Holy Spirit serves you today and asks for your participation in the healing of Oceana.  The Great Central Sun has never before inflowed love to the Golden Ground (Earth) with the intention to re-vivify the Gaia spirit every cetacean once kept within their hearts.  This is now happening and the re-vivification has the potential to fortify Oceana with such life force that Oceana will free herself of poison.

  This fortification has the potential to spark re-creation of plant species within Oceana. These plant species have the potential to inflow the healing frequency of God-Goddess-All That Is through the grid, to the spring boards of human evolution, Gaiaís primary vortexes. 

  The Golden Groundís creator force then will have the potential to serve the human race with Grace, the golden frequency that lifts God-Goddess-All That Is right into the humanís forcefield of the third chaka ( solar plexus).  The power center of every human will then inflow the desire to break out of heartless, cruel behaviors. 

  So today assist in the healing of Oceana by participating in the One Song Project.

I am the heart song of Oceana.
 I am that I am.
 The Holy Spirit guides you love yourself so much that you become the light.
 You become the love. 
 You become the Holy Spirit.
 You become the Heart Beat of God. 

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