The Red Ray of Unconditional Love
 by The Arcturians  

The Humpback Whale and
The Red Ray of Unconditional Love
Copyright  2008   Trish Regan and Doug Hackett

 The core of the central sun places all of you who live on earth under the influence of the red ray of unconditional love.  The ray holds you all until you resolve to learn what it has to teach you.   

  We the Arcturians practice the art of keeping the red ray flowing to your planet earth.  There are system busters who want you to receive the opposite kind of influence.  They sometimes enter you planetary field.  They fill you up with the sense that there is no protection from those who have only greed as their motive for living. 

 We are in charge of holding you in the red ray of unconditional love in spite of their influence on your lives. These are beings who thrive and sustain themselves on a dark frequency polar opposite of the red ray. This is the energy the terrorists of your planet feed off of. 

  This dark frequency is very powerful.  We have been in charge of countering itsí influence for as long as you, the human race, have struggled with the force you call duality.

  You have been given duality to increase your awareness of the red rayís influence on your life.  Some of you come from starry realms where duality does not exist.  You felt only the red ray's influence in your lives. 

  You came to earth to learn about duality.  You know what it feels like to be apart from itsí influence. For many incarnations many of you have left the red ray alone as you explored the power of the seductive dark forces. 

  You know how it feels to hold power at the expense of others.  You have willed others to submit to your demands.  You have taken every penny away from the poor. You have hurt or killed those who plot to take your power away. 

  So many of you have been deeply discouraged by the behaviors of those who live on your haven for existence. You are waking up. You know the way of the red ray is the only way.  You are starting to live for immersion in the formula for living that the red ray brings you.  Because of your experience with the dark forces you have the conviction that the dark forces serve no purpose. 

  This is why you were placed on this planet.  You have deeply learned your lesson.  The formula for living is to live only in the red ray of unconditional love You wonít ever be tempted by the dark forces again. 

  You are full of reverence for the force of All That Is.  You serve the red ray.  You are living examples of why the Earth experiment, of putting the opposing forces of good and evil within each of you, has been successful. 

  You will revive the strong force of the red ray on your planet.  We support you.  We help you free yourself from great force of the dark that has kept you so deeply locked in fear.  You are the great ones who will sever all ties with the dark forces. You will show others the way. 

  Yours will be a planet with the power to lift other worlds from despair.  With your help those other worlds will create a haven like yours is about to become.   Because of your experiences with duality you know the way.  The Earth experiment is a success.

  You are the precious ones.  You yearn for home.  You are there, Dear Ones.  Welcome home. 

  We hold you with great reverence,

The Arcturians

Footnotes on the Red Ray

You consciously send the red ray of unconditional love from your heart.  You send it to those who irritate you,  who disgust you,  who fail to inspire you,  who use dark forces to control others and anyone who is obviously suffering.  

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