A Review of Kathryn Jensen’s Education and Professional Experience



  B.A. in Sociology and Psychology University of Denver, 1967

  Masters in Education Lesley College, 1975

  School Counseling Credential - ( included Masters course work in counseling and a school counseling internship) University of Colorado , Denver, 1985

  Specialized Kinesiology Training:

Core training to qualify as a Brain Gym Instructor and Consultant – (Certification granted through the Educational Kinesiology Foundation)

 Touch for Health Levels 1-4

 Additional Specialized Kinesiology Training:

Applied Resonance Therapy – (allergy relief through energy healing)

Transformational Kinesiology - ( kinesiology based on concepts from Theosophy,  based on ancient Vedic wisdom.)

  Training in Specialized Kinesiology has been pursued from 1987- Present

  Professional Experience

Special Education Teacher and Consultant -1975 – 1987

  Brain Gym Instructor – 1988 – 2000 –  Included teaching university classes for educators through Adams State College in Colorado  

  Private Practice – 1987 – present – Integrating all skills as an educator, counselor and specialized kinesiologist, and energy healing using Blue Dolphin Essences and related healing methods

   Kathryn’s practice emphasized working with children and the families of children with ADD and learning disabilities. She also worked with adults who were devoted to their personal and spiritual evolution.

  Developer of Blue Dolphin Essences –   2000 – Present

  Creator and only instructor of Coat of Many Colors - A dolphin inspired course in healing fear based patterns and spiritual growth - 2005- present.  Related play shops called Golden Spiral Play Shops are also taught. 


Blue Dolphin Essencesby Lord Jesus Christ and Avatar Sathya Sai Baba Through Kathryn Jensen

  The Twenty Rays of Christ Consciousnessby Lord Jesus Christ Through Kathryn Jensen- Curriculum guide for Coat of Many Colors

  Splash! by Kathryn Jensen -  A Juvenile Fiction Novel

  Articles and Stories – some authored directly by Kathryn Jensen and most received through Kathryn Jensen from dolphins, whales, ascended masters, archangels and avatars.

  See www.BlueDolphinEssences to learn more about Kathryn Jensen’s service to humanity through her writing, courses, healing essences and private sessions.  


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