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Coat of Many Colors 

"The largest brains on this planet are in the ocean.  
Communication with the Whales and the Dolphins is the greatest achievement the 
human race can aspire to."
  John Lily 
Aspire to connect and communicate with the Dolphins and Whales 

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 Coat of Many Colors

For in depth information read the Introduction to Coat of Many Colors  





Coat of Many Colors
A Blue Dolphin Course 

Dolphin Inspired methods for
Healing Your Heart  *  Loving Yourself Out of Fear
Includes Two Days of Swimming With Wild Dolphins!
On The Big Island of Hawaii
                                               February 26-March 3

My Morning Swims-Chance Encounters-Enjoy!!
See YouTube- Morning Jump Start and Swim Distractions


Dolphins serve as an intermediary between lower and higher consciousness, the practical and the mystical. They help people bridge polarities in themselves and their lives
Katryn Lavanture


Coat of Many Colors is an 32 hour introduction to a
versatile, practical, easy to use, dolphin inspired healing system.

  How did dolphins inspire the development of this course? Instructor, Kathryn Jensen, learned these techniques from dolphins, ascended masters and the Indian Avatar, Sathya Sai Baba.  She received instructions telepathically as she worked with clients. She learned techniques experientially as she spent hundreds of hours swimming with wild dolphins   

 Who can benefit?  Anyone wanting to stay in a state of Grace through every breakdown, every locked in fear moment, every happy occasion, and every very ordinary life event can benefit.

  Whatís unique about this healing system? The course is dolphin inspired. People experience the high frequency joy, love and support of dolphins as they use these course materials and view video of spinner dolphins and their human friends in Hawaiian waters.  This is footage is of Kathryn Jensen's human friends and dolphin friends whom she swims with almost daily seven months of the year. 

Students who activate the rays via Coat of Many Colors methods and materials, do indeed experience visions, cetacean sounds, and smells (fish and salt).  Some have received direct telepathic communications!         

  Dolphins are master healers known for their joyful, peaceful ways. Dolphins maintain community peace, inner peace and a state of joy by constantly bathing one another in light filled healing frequencies.  Dolphins provide human beings with an elegant, powerful model for healing and living peacefully in community.

  What will you learn?

  •   You will learn to use twenty healing frequencies to eliminate stress and live your daily life in a centered, focused, joyful state

    The frequencies are called The Twenty Rays of Christ Consciousness.  Each ray is housed in one of the seven major human energy centers called chakras.  Each ray is represented by a color and a geometry. As these rays are activated, through healing, the human energy field becomes a vibrant, colorful Coat of Many Colors.  

  • You will learn to balance each of the seven major chakras.  Each balance will introduce you to the species of dolphins that fill the human chakras with specific communication that enhances your ability 
    to follow your soul's code.  

  • You will  learn skills for becoming the master you are! 

*You will learn self muscle testing or muscle biofeedback with the intention that feedback is direct, concise feedback from spirit.

* You will learn the art of setting a precise, powerful intention for your self-healing sessions.

*You will create a special course of action for your life based on your life's purpose and your specific commitment to loving yourself out of fear in this incarnation.  You'll be lead into deep contemplation on these matters.  You will be contacted by your guardian dolphin.  Yes, you each have a dolphin that can't wait to greet you help you love yourself enough to become the love you are.  

*You will learn more about taking charge of healing your fear and as you effectively manage your life.

* You will learn more about stair stepping yourself to ascension while remaining a productive, conscious, stable member of your family, your community and the world at large.   

*You will learn the truth behind the healing commitment dolphins and whales have made to the human species.  

For in depth information read the Introduction to Coat of Many Colors 

Fascinating Facts

*There are fourteen species of cetaceans who specialize in activating the human force field. 
*These fourteen species flow specific rays to specific areas of earth.  Each ray of Christ Consciousness is activated by dolphins and whales

An Amazing Example!

The humpback whales, who migrate between Hawaii and Alaska, pulse the indigo blue Ray of Courage, represented by the geometry called the Vesica Pisces, to the Hectate Straight that's above Vancouver Island and flows between The Queen Charlotte Islands and the coast of British Columbia.  The Ray of Courage flows from this point through the Earth Grid to the first chakra of Earth at Mount Shasta.  Those who activate the Ray of Courage, in their own human forcefields, summon support from the humpbacks, in healing fear based patterns, through activation of this Ray called Courage.  

Info received from dolphins, whales and other great ones 
by Kathryn Jensen

  What Students Say

Aleia Shaum, Evergreen Colorado (fall 2007)

I am thankful everyday for your willingness to share the Coat of Many Colors. It is a very useful tool for healing myself and others. Your inspiring and thorough presentation of the material both in print and workshop format make it very user friendly for me. I love the way you blended information, experience, and practice into our workshop. The workshop was well planned and spontaneous giving us time to learn, reflect, and enjoy each other. Just in the 6 weeks since learning this material I have done multiple balancings on myself which have cleared fear based patterns, anchored positive goals and deepened my Spiritual practice. I used the material with great success to do a group balancing in one of my women's workshops. I have used parts of this material to work with individuals over the phone and in person. I feel honored to be trained in the Coat of Many Colors because its authenticity reflects the inspiration of so many sources current with the present transformation. A very sincere heart centered thank you to you (K. Jensen), your guides and the whales and dolphins.

  Barbara Miller, Homeopath, Elbert Colorado (winter of 2006)

 I've been using the techniques I learned in Coat of Many Colors to help my homeopathy patients stabilize and calm down.  I teach patients to use relevant techniques from the course to manage stress and make beneficial energetic shifts.  I found the course materials helpful in coping with and healing from a serious case of the flu. 

  Kathryn Jensen, The first student and only instructor of Coat of Many Colors - (winter of 2004)

 Iíve used the Twenty Rays many times daily over the past several months to help me through very big family challenges and the challenge of re-building a house that burned down.  Iíve emerged from this difficult time being more physically and emotionally resilient than Iíve ever been before.  The course techniques have added unbelievable depth and effectiveness to my healing work with others.   





Instructor, Kathryn Jensen, worked with children with special needs in the public schools for several years.  In 1987 she began her training as a specialized kinesiologist emphasizing Brain Gym She opened a private practice and has, since Ď87,  provided services to very special children and adults devoted to spiritual and personal transformation.

 She has developed very effective ways to work with children who are now recognized as Indigo or children. They are frequently labeled A.D.D., learning disabled, or right brain dominant.

 Six years ago Kathryn began doing gentle energy healing with children. One child after another had delightful, fun-filled, joyful dolphin visions. The children also experienced profound, powerful resolution 
to emotional conflicts. 

Adults also began to experience dolphin visions. The effectiveness of their healing was also accelerated and magnified by these dolphin experiences. 

Scientific research now verifies that humans who swim with dolphin can and do experience authentic physical and emotional healing. D.N.A. changes have been observed. Through telepathic communication dolphins have introduced Kathryn to the healing system taught in this course.  The healing system is filled with the loving, joyful, powerful essence of the dolphins who inspired itsí development. 




Time, place, date, materials 

Time:  February 26th-March 3 2008, 10Am-5:30 P.M. 27th and 28th as well as March 2nd and 3rd.  These four days will be devoted to training. Early morning swims will be encouraged. Dolphins and whales might grace you with their presence and the snorkeling is incredible.

February 26th and March 1st will be devoted to boat trips out to swim with the dolphins and view the humpback whales which will take place in the morning.  Afternoons will be free time to relax or enjoy the sights.   

Fee:  $700.00-includes 4 days of training, fees for two days of wild dolphin swims/whale viewing via boat.  $250.00 discount for children. 

:  Appreciated ASAP by emailing or call with name, address, email and phone number.  

  Send a deposit of 50% of fee to:  Kathryn Jensen by January 28th. 2010 -Send to Kathryn Jensen, 82-1123 Kinue Road, Captain Cook Hawaii 96704. 

$50.00 off fee for receipt of deposit and registration on or before January 28th. 

Refund of Deposit?
If it's necessary to cancel fees will be applied to future events, purchase of Blue Dolphin Essences or private sessions. Deposits will not be refunded.

Email  See under Classes and Groups. In-depth course info is provided.  Call:  Cell: 303 590 4165 

Captain Cook Hawaii on The Big Island.  This is an extraordinary location with access to three local bays where wild dolphins come to visit so there are opportunities to swim with dolphins, snorkel with turtles and exotic fish and listen to the song of humpback whales

The Twenty Rays of Christ Consciousness by Kathryn Jensen, A Training Manual, 
Splash! by Kathryn Jensen:!%20for%20web.htm
 and four different bottles of Blue Dolphin Essences

30% discount to students for purchase of Blue Dolphin Essences and The Essences for the Home Temple - see Home Page

Places to Stay: Places To Stay on the South Kona Coast of the Big Island of Hawaii


 Students From Distant Lands

For those who travel from afar you must supply your own transportation, food and lodging.  You will be provided with information to support you in creating your own retreat!! 

Here is a varied list of great places to stay: 
Places To Stay on the South Kona Coast of the Big Island of Hawaii 
Some  have kitchen facilities.  

I'm willing to connect you with others who are attending so you can potentially share lodging and car rentals. 

I suggest that if you are traveling from far away you stay on The Big Island for two to three weeks. The island is a place of extraordinary beauty with much to see and do.  This is also the much recommended way to experience the profound experience of deeply connecting with the dolphins and the whales. 


Morning Swims-Chance Encounters!  Enjoy!!!
See YouTube- Morning Jump Start and Swim Distractions

 For in depth information read the Introduction to Coat of Many Colors 
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