Introduction By Kathryn Jensen
Introduction by Bly, a dolphin (Read it. It's extraordinary)
Introduction by Ascended Master Maitreya

Coat of Many Colors
by Kathryn Jensen

  This course, Coat of Many Colors has been communicated to me by a committee of ascended masters and archangels.  The committee is part of a larger organization called The Council of Ein Soph.  The Council of Ein Soph has been in existence for five thousand years.  The Council’s focus has always been to introduce methods and materials for healing to human beings.  Currently The Council is very actively working with about three thousand human beings assisting these people in developing quite a variety of methods and materials for healing.  These methods and materials offer a variety of ways to heal fear-based patterns.  All of these methods and materials assist people in accessing the The power of love has been given many labels.  In this course these love frequencies  are called The Rays of Christ Consciousness.  These numerous methods and materials are being introduced by The Council because of the diversity of the human race.  The Council wants to make sure there is something for everyone.

  This course should appeal to a large group of people.  My professional specialty has been in working with people with varied learning styles.  The Committee, of course, honored my insistence on creating course material a diverse group of conscious people.

  Those of you who have enrolled in this course are consciously seeking ways to communicate with your souls.  This is a course in enhancing communication with your soul for the purpose of personal transformation.  Those of you who feel a deep desire to become very confident of your own personal power and your own skill to participate in your own healing will find this course material supports those desires. 

  As many of you know I this course material and its' development was influenced by Earthly dolphins and their Sirian counterparts.  You will learn more about the cetaceans who influenced the development of this course in the following introduction I received  from a Bahamian dolphin named Bly.  As you read through this course material you will learn about the Sirian contacts that certain dolphins and humans like myself have developed. 

Coat of Many Colors

by Bly, A Dolphin
Through Kathryn Jensen

Bly is a dolphin who resides in the waters surrounding the Bahamian island of Bimini.  She co-created this course with the Council of Ein Soph and the instructor,  Kathryn Jensen.


  There have been concerns that there has been a reversal in the ruling against the military use of low intensity sonar.  The Bimini community of spotted dolphins are cautioning you to free yourselves from fear.  You have been concerned for our safety.  You have been concerned that our heavily burdened environment has been wavering between collapse and finally regaining stability. 

  Life holds no surprises.  We have known about this critical juncture between living here as a body of golden light beings who live apart from the human race and living here as a body of light beings who have a co-operative effort beginning to be developed between ourselves and you. You are the humans who believe in our form of intelligence being compatible with human intelligence. 

  We have a compatible intelligence and we freely concern ourselves with living within your intelligence for the purpose of consulting with you on how to reverse the ways of your political leaders.  

  Your leaders have a very penetrating fear about being annihilated.  Their fears have to be addressed before we can progress as a unified body of golden light in creating the formula for healing our environment. 

  Their fears have to be consciously listened to by all of you who call yourselves the bearers of world peace.  Listen to your political leaders.  Put yourself to work creating a list of their fears.  List their fears and create a list of creative solutions to resolving the complex harvest of very deep conflicts that arouse such fear in your leaders. 

  You have a highly trained group of light bearers among you who lead others in becoming conscious of their own golden light within.  We feel the healing you create with one another.  We feel the healing you create with the cetaceans who consume themselves with your well being.  We have a life of our own to lead.  We consume ourselves with our own well being but we communicate with all of you will listen about the co-operative effort we are asking you to participate in. 

  This kind of co-operation has been progressed by light bearers who come to places like Bimini and live with us for awhile.  When we feel a healing taking place in one of you we participate in that healing.  We have contact with you when you swim in the ocean.  We have contact with you when you invoke us in a healing session. 

  Living with us for awhile in an area like Bimini leaves an impression of your body of light with us.  We can then accompany you on your healing journey wherever you may be. 

  We concentrate on working co-operatively with certain light bearers who have our constant attention as they communicate with their heaviest of burdens.  They hold our communion.  They hold our communion because they believe in our compatible intelligence and our compatible ability to resolve the horrifying conflicts that disturb all of us who participate in Earthly life. 

  The level of communion we have with a light bearer depends on the communion the light bearer has with his or her force of being able to help others hold our light.  We have a light bearing quality that attracts the brow chakra emanations pf certain light bearers.  The brow chakra holds a complicated web of frequencies that form ties to the community of dolphins who bear the most light. 

  Those of us who bear the most light travel through the waters that cover Earth’s surface and heal our cetacean companions.  We are leaders.  We comprehend all of the golden light bearers of the human race.  We nurture them as they in turn nurture us.  We help these human light bearers become truly conscious light bearers.  We help them become conscious of a life beyond Earth. 

  This light beyond Earth becomes golden in color as it comes into Earth’s atmosphere.  This golden light has a powerful effect on those of you who have brow chakras that have completed a certain cycle of giving communion to your fears.  Your fears complicate the frequency of the brow chakra and other very significant chakras. 

  The chakra at your core holds your heart beat.  The force of your core reveals the fears held by every other chakra. The level of communication between your brow and your core creates the calling to become a leader among light bearers.  Our cetacean leaders commune with these light bearers.

  Our cetacean leaders are presently focusing on a healing community in the United States.  Human beings call these people light workers.   Light workers are harvesting and communing with the same golden light that brings cetaceans into contact with the brow chakra emanations of specific people. 

  The light workers who have a capacity to commune with dolphins are sometimes assisted by dolphins in creating life giving ways to help people heal.  Dolphins have varied healing practices they use with fellow pod members.  This course you have enrolled in has been developed as a model of how we use light to heal one another.  We heal our own bodies with the same light we use to heal others. 

  This light, for the purposes of this course, has been subdivided into twenty categories of light.  We use these categories of light for purposes that are very complex to express in terms that are useful to you. 

  We caress ourselves and one another with these categories of light when we feel afraid, anxious or conscious of significant threats to our lives.  We have an intuitive capacity to know which category of light with which to caress ourselves and one another. 

  We have a capacity to look at one another and see where in our bodies we have a lack of light.  We create a formula for replacing the lack of light with exactly the right category of light.  You have been given, through this course, another means for achieving the same results. This is necessary because of your different physiology. 

  Light workers have communed with us since the beginning of time.  This mutual communion between humans and dolphins began at the dawn of human existence.  Our overt contact has ebbed and flowed throughout the ages.  Now we have a very direct concern about contacting as many light workers as we can because of our commitment to co-creating world peace and healing of the environment. 

  We have a commitment to helping light workers develop healing methods that help people heal their bodies and transform their fears using the same categories of light that dolphins use.  We feel people will begin to learn to heal with light and communicate how very blessed they feel as they do so.

  Forty thousand years ago people who lived in a certain area on Earth worked co-operatively with dolphins in learning to use these same categories of light for healing.  We lived in the oceans surrounding their communities.  We helped people learn to live co-operatively.  We helped them create lifestyles that filled the Earth with light. 

  There have been groups of light workers who have, throughout time, communed with dolphins and re-learned these lessons.  They have taught these lessons to members of their communities.  This happens to be a time when we are once again seeking communion with light workers who we feel can teach their community members these methods for healing themselves and the environment. 

  There are several ways to contact us.  One way to contact us is through the use of the methods taught in this course.  When you use these categories of light we flood your consciousness with help in creating communion with your own intuition.  You may sense our presence through visionary experiences.  We often present you with the watery sensation of floating.  We may approach you as you are engaged in a healing experience with a light worker or during your dreamtime.  

  Our lives and your lives are very interdependent.  Our lives are threatened with low intensity sonar.  Your lives are threatened with crushing, destructive, bombs and other weapons deployed by those who are consumed with fear.  Your lives and ours are dependent on the decisions made by the fear filled communities of political leaders.  These decisions can have very disturbing consequences. 

  Light filled communities of dolphins and human beings can work co-operatively to help the fear filled communities of political leaders become more conscious of the light filled path dolphins exemplify. 

  These concerns have stimulated my community of dolphins, who reside in the waters surrounding Bimini, to develop a well defined consciousness of how our community and yours can co-create world peace and an environment filled with light. 

  As we assist you in using these healing methods, to create your own consciousness of light our consciousness and your consciousness will become more compatible.  We expect to begin communicating with those of you who use this course material to heal. 

  We invite you to come to be closer to us.  Come to Bimini.  We will contact you telepathically and energetically.   You will be seeking direct physical contact with us as you swim in our waters.  If appropriate we will greet you and swim with you.  Even if you remain on land and never enter the water we will be given the opportunity to imprint ourselves with your body of light.  As we contact you in this manner we maintain  our contact with you wherever you may be.  We will amplify your capacity to become more light filled. 

  Your light has an effect on your leaders.  Light bearing dolphins and human beings can, co-operatively, surround them with our light.  As you utilize these course materials you will summon our support in filling your leaders with light. 

 May you fill your leaders with light.

May you light up your own life with healing, contentment and well being. 

  I reside in the waters surrounding Bimini.  I am a leader.  I lead my pod in communion with you.  You lead your community in communion with us. 

My name is Bly. 

Coat of Many Colors
by Ascended Master Maitreya 
Through Kathryn Jensen

Coat of Many Colors is a course developed by a committee of Ascended Masters and Archangels who are members of an organization called The Council of Ein Soph. The Council communicates with various human beings who have fully activated the fifth chakra Ray of Center. You will learn about this ray of Center and nineteen other rays via this course material. They are called The Twenty Rays of Christ Consciousness.

The Council members have communicated with humans through out time. The Council communicates with people who yearn for the truth.. The Council members have always communicated through people who ask for the truth and who don't accept anything at face value. The lively intellectual capacities of our channels are always reflected in the original documents they receive from the Council. 

The concept of The Seven Rays of Love-Wisdom has been discussed in numerous books by Alice A. Bailey. She was a channel for a Tibetan monk you know as Djwal Khul. He was alive and living in Tibet when she received his messages. Alice A Bailey's transmissions became part of the literary collection of a spiritual movement known as Theosophy. Theosophy was alive and well in the 1940's and 1950's.

Djwal Khul was mentored by members of The Council of Ein Soph.. The committee member, giving you this introduction, was Jesus' advisor when he lived as Jesus of Nazareth. This committee member was embodied as the Buddha who was the original figurehead of the Buddhist spiritual path. He is currently known as Maitreya. He and other Council members decided to closely examine the way the concept of The Seven Rays of Love-Wisdom was presented in the Alice A. Bailey books. The Council members decided that the presentation, as given in the Alice A. Bailey books was needing an update. 

Council members decided to present their update through Kathryn Jensen. She doesn't present material via course work until she understands it thoroughly. She has worked with the twenty rays, using them in her healing practice for about three years. She has found that the rays have a powerful effect on the consciousness of her clients. She has been observing, collecting data and as a result began trusting the material. 

Right now, for the first time, she is learning that she has been working all along with The Seven Rays of Love Wisdom. We prompted her to study about The Seven Rays several years ago. She used this material, given in another format, to facilitate her own personal transformation. 

She has always appreciated this knowledge but has felt it lacked the consciousness of love that she has always received from her own guardian angel Lord Jesus Christ. She was chosen to brief you on this updated presentation of The Seven Rays because of her communication with dolphins. 

Kathryn experiences a constant flood of information coming to her from dolphins who live on the Earth plane. Dolphins have been the conductors of Christ Consciousness via their Sirian counterparts for as long as they have been in existence in physical form on Earth. Dolphins assumed physical form in Earth's oceans Forty five million years before humans arrived. 

They arrived on Earth as light beings from Sirius and co-created not only the Christ Consciousness grid that surrounds Earth but the ley lines that form the grid that connects they seven major vortexes on Earth. Their co-creators were their Sirian counterparts. 

After one billion years of providing this service some of these Sirian light beings committed to becoming dolphins. Even as dolphins in physical form they continued to communicate with their Sirian counterparts. They continued to conduct the frequencies of the twenty rays of Christ Consciousness. 

Dolphins developed their physiological apparatus called sonar as a means for using the rays to assist them in survival. They learned to project these rays with their sonar for the purposes of finding food, communication, healing one another and correcting any imbalances they had as individuals. Dolphins still use their sonar in these ways for these purposes. 

Each individual dolphin has to the capacity to heal his or her self. Each individual dolphin has the ability to project healing frequencies at fellow pod members. 

Dolphins have learned bad habits along the way and they are not perfect. Overall, however, they model a way to live in community that holds the pod in the frequency of Love-Wisdom. 

This course,  A Coat of Many Colors, is developed by the Council of Ein Soph and a group of Sirians who have, for the purposes of expressing their joyful, humorous essence, named their group The Crest of the Wave Co-operative. 

The Crest of the Wave Co-operative members have dolphin counterparts on Earth who reside primarily in the waters surrounding the Bahamian island of Bimini. They also have counterparts who live in the West Indies. 

These Earthly dolphins have been communicating with Kathryn for about seven years. They have worked co-operatively with their Sirian counterparts in assisting Kathryn in her private practice. 

They first made their presence known through Kathryn's young clients who began reporting visions of delightful dolphins. This would happen as Kathryn soothed these children with gentle energy work. Kathryn was directed by her guides to facilitate energy work using the energy work formula that will be taught in Coat of Many Colors Three and Four. . The dolphins were Sirian Avatars presenting themselves via her client's visions. Adults began experiencing the same joyful visions. 

As Kathryn's knowledge of the rays increased she received information about how to create course information and essences to assist people in using The Rays of Love-Wisdom for their own healing. 

This course, A Coat of Many Colors is, as Maitreya has said, a course in how to use The Rays of Love-Wisdom in an in depth way. This is a course in communication with the soul. The Rays have been analyzed concerning how they affect the seven major chakras. Specific rays have very direct associations with one specific chakra. That's how the ray chart, that you will be introduced to, was developed. 

Coat of Many Colors has three different levels of instruction.  The courses are currently going through significant revision due to my instructor, Kathryn Jensen's recent experiences with my comrades who swim in the waters of the Hawaiian Islands.  


May you thrive as you begin to facilitate Coat of Many Colors style healings on yourself and others. Hold yourself up as an icon of how human's can participate in the drama of Earthly life yet become completely aware of how the Rays of Love-Wisdom or The Twenty Rays of Christ Consciousness can be accessed at any time, any place for any type of healing any issue. 

Yours in service, 

The Council of Ein Soph, The Crest of the Wave Co-operative and their Earthly dolphin counterparts and your instructor Kathy Jensen 

More Introductory Information

The Seven Rules for Living
From The Scriptures of Grace

The curriculum for this course is excerpted from a book called The Scriptures of Grace which is written by Sirian avatars. The scriptures have been held in the consciousness of a Sirian Avatar named Bim for three billion years. These scriptures hold the basic truths of existence. Avatar Bim assisted in designing this course to provide people with a means for activating this consciousness of love. Bim's intention is that people tap into this consciousness of love as they wisely create peaceful, harmonious ways of living. As people put this course material to work they learn to resolve daily life conflicts and challenges. 

There have been many interpretations of The Scriptures in The Holy Bible and other major spiritual texts. Holy scriptures reflect The Seven Rules for Living from The Scriptures of Grace in the ten commandments of The Holy Bible, the commandments of The Bhagavad Gita as well as those commandments of The Golden Rule found in ancient texts of Cleopatra's Egypt. 

This curriculum is built around The Seven Rules for Living. Each rule is associated with one of the major chakras. Each rule reflects the level of attainment people can strive towards as they heal the fear-based patterns they hold within their chakra's vortex like forcefields. 

Every incident of your life has an impact on each of the seven major chakras. Every incident is stored in the chakras and every chakra holds a different way of perceiving each incident. 

Section One of this course provides you with the following

· The Rule for Living that pertains to the specific chakra.
· In depth information on each chakra
· A review of each Ray of Christ Consciousness that is housed in the specific chakra. 
· The color of each ray
· A review of how each ray assists a person in loving themselves more communicating from the point of view of the physical body, the emotional body, the mental body and the soul. 

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