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A Message from Aliika

A Blue Dolphin

Aliika has a message for all of you considering using the Blue Dolphin Essences.  Brace yourself for a life of spiritual guidance from Aliika and her fellow avatars Bim, a whale, Ino,  Bim's incarnation on earth and Lulu and Mono,  Aliika's blue dolphin comrades.

Aliika has been taking time to live among humans and investigate your life choices.  Aliika sees you tend to bring previous lifetimes of "poor me" into your present lives and this affects your ability to move into another level of transformation of your light bodies.   

Aliika has a Sirius connection that she is telling you to have reverence for.  It is the return of the message of love to the human heart that Aliika hears you longing for.

Aliika has to program you for accepting this message and she asks that you process what Aliika has said to you by pouring a red ray of love right into your tension.  Do this by loosening your grip on your "poor me" patterns.  The red ray will sweep it away.  It takes practice to do this.  The Blue Dolphin Essences are a program to teach you how to sweep away your "poor me" patterns.

Take the lectures you are reading into your  heart and feel your way to the presence of Aliika, Lulu , Mono, Bim and Ino.  They may have a message for you.  Tension will melt as you feel your way to these avatars.  Tension will take itself right into the fields of these healing experts.  Tension will take a look at why it is in your body and it will take another look and say "I am not needed anymore.  I don't belong with you anymore." Just do this once.  See if it works for you.  If you want more of this kind of relief, the Blue Dolphin Essences can help you.  Aliika, with joy,  assists you making a decision that is just right for you. 

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