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A Message From Archangel  Michael

Archangel Michael is giving his friend Kathy a bow.  Kathy has taken a lot of time to put together a book for her first Blue Dolphin Essence Kit and it has already reached a few people who have longed for this kind of instruction.  Justice is never done to a book of this kind.  It never gets the kind of publicity it should get because it takes a special kind of person to even notice a book of this kind.  Archangel Michael is telling any one who is reading this message that this book is just a beginning for a small number of human beings to release all of their inhibitions and send themselves into a new level of Christ Consciousness. The Christ Consciousness home of Sirius  is being introduced through the book and the essences that activate the heart to accept love.   

This love in the heart  becomes  the brain's interpreter of how to be a human being.  Human beings are meant to love Sirius style.  Sirius has told the lamp of pure love to be introduced to the human race.  The role of heaven is to join forces with the lamp of pure love in ceasing the fear that inhibits the heart from accepting love.

Just take a look at the information on this web site.  Even if you never use this program the lectures you are reading could steer you in the right direction.  Pace yourself.  Leave time to look this over again and again.  Archangel Michael gives his full endorsement to this program.  Many of you know me and trust my judgment. 

This is a time to make a decision about your life.  Do you want to love yourself or not?  If you do,  the Blue Dolphin Essence Program may be a resource for you.  You are aware, if you have read the preceding lectures that there many light work programs that are developed to take you to a lamp of pure love in your own heart.  Choose one.  Have the intention that Archangel Michael will lead you to a process that is just right for you.  Those of you who choose the Blue Dolphin Essence Program are fortunate.  It is perhaps the most future oriented light work program  Archangel Michael has looked at.  Enjoy this program and thrive as you use it.  Love yourself and do find a way to spread the word about your experiences.

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