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 Sai Baba and the New Age

Life goes on and questions have come up about Sai Baba's  intention for the New Age.  Baba has been living in India creating a huge following of devotees.  Baba has attracted life long learners who experience many life challenges.  Handling life's challenges is the current method for resurrecting the human heart.  People are asked to become completely responsible for handling every aspect of life's challenges. 

The lesson for the New Age is to learn to love yourself right out of life long patterns that have kept you in a state of fear.  Loving yourself out of concerns about remembering who you are is your first job in this New Age. 

You are perfectly capable of being your own master.  Look at your background.  All humans are children of God.  Children of God are lesson givers for one another.   

Life on earth is about experiencing and mastering one challenging lesson after another.  These challenges often are created by the complexities of human relationship.  As you learn to handle life's challenges you learn to  create a higher frequency in your heart.  You actually love yourself to a higher frequency. 

Living on earth and having one great big hurtle after another to leap over is an aspect of the lamp of pure love discussed in the previous lecture.  The lamp of pure love leads you over life's hurtles.  The lamp of pure love burns away fear based patterns. The lamp of pure love brings you divine assistance which you learn to ask for and receive as you love yourself more and more. 

The Blue Dolphin Essence  Program is one example of a light work process that teaches you how to be responsible for handling life's challenges through the process of learning how to love yourself.

Learn to love yourself out of conflicts with others, emotional instability and illness.  Rough times are ahead for people who don't learn this skill.  Love of self creates a heart frequency that can hold it's own lamp of pure love.   The lamp of pure love has all the answers to your little questions and your big questions.  Lessons come from your own lamp of pure love about how to live your life. 

This is the emphasis of the Blue Dolphin Essence Program.
Love yourself as you love another.
Be your own master.
If you  learn to listen to your own master you learn to  listen to God. 

Keep reading.  You will learn how the Blue Dolphin Essence program is indeed a program that instructs you in becoming your own reservoir of God's wisdom. 

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