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A Message From Lantos

Lantos has a test for light workers.  Lantos will tell you what to do to test yourself, to learn more about  your ability to form a simple force of love in the left hemisphere of your brain.  Help yourself  be free from  the process of living in a typical life of survival.  Bring life into alignment with forms of light that are available to you when you tame your fear. Taming your fear is necessary before you press on with altering your perceived life path.  Taming your fear conditions you to press on with loving yourself more.  Until you tame your fear you do not have the incentive to preview life, as put in front of humans, by cetaceans. 

Cetaceans are forming a light work community.  They ask you to firm your commitment to join them in forming this light work community.  Take time to live your life with less tension.  Dolphins can only enter your field if you prize your life enough to establish a life style that gives you the hearth of love that only God can provide. 

If You are taking  time to build your empire in the third dimension,  take time to build the empire of your spirituality.  Take time to build your light body.  Take time to fasten your seatbelt and spend time on an accelerated journey to enlightenment.   

The Blue Dolphin Essence Program is a course that will facilitate many of you on your accelerated journey to enlightenment.  Dolphins may be just the right instructors for you.   Do find the time to be quiet and have a dolphin encounter.  Re-read Aliika's invitation to you .She can help you feel the frequency of Blue Dolphins.  She will help you tell your self whether or not Blue Dolphin Essences are just right for you.     

There are many processes Ascended Masters are now sponsoring to project people into a loving awareness of their true identity.  Find one that  fits  your needs.  If you do , you will find your life defines itself as joyful,  contented and peaceful.  Lantos holds you in your process of searching for a path that is just right for you.  Live your life in the frequency of Christ Consciousness.  Develop your light body.  Seal your fears in a box and let them go.  Join dolphins,  Ascended Masters and Sai Baba in bringing you to your own force of love. 

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