The Holy Presence
 by Bly
, a dolphin

The Blue Dolphin Consciousness of love is what many of you call the Holy Presence.  The lilting, magical Holy Presence you may have experienced if you have visited us in our watery home has a Lotus like feeling.  A lotus flower symbolizes the Holy Presence that sits in the third eye.  The third eye holds the presence of your guardian angel.  Your guardian angel sensitively leads you into learning about your own Holy Presence many of you now call your higher self. 

My higher self resides on Sirius.  My Sirian counter part communicates with me very clearly through my third eye.  Everything I share with you about The Rays is really a very blessed gift of wisdom from my higher self. My higher self holds the consciousness of love, the Holy Presence, that you as human beings so often falter in comprehending. 

You all have the potential to learn from your own consciousness of love or your own Holy Presence.  Your Holy Presence is of course held by your very own higher self.   

Your guardian angels do their best to guard you from harmful interference of disturbing frequencies or dark beings until you are able to discriminate between the frequency of your higher self and the frequency dark forces.  This ability to discriminate must be carefully learned through dealing with life challenges. 

The human race is presently experiencing a consciousness evolution.  Those of you who have percolated along through life without fully comprehending the consciousness of love, are suddenly experiencing life from a different perspective.  Life is beginning to expose you to healing practices that call you to learn to love yourselves more.  When you love yourself more you focus on healing your fear.  And you find others to guide you in your self- healing either through training with others or one-on-one healing sessions. 

Many methods are being communicated through well prepared people who have agreed with their own higher selves to share the unique wisdom of their higher selves with others. My Be the Peace book and my Coat of Many Colors course are my gift to those of you who love to learn the way my friend Kathryn Jensen chooses to instruct others.  Kathryn's higher self and my higher self have an agreement to help me help her serve you with this particular presentation of how communicate with your own guardian angel.  Your own Holy Presence communicates through your guardian angel. 

My methods and my expression of my higher self’s wisdom are likely to appeal to those of you appreciate the lilting, magical essence of those you call dolphins.  We would love to have you come to Bimini in the Bahamas to swim with us.  Our waters are becoming more and more accessible thanks to the efforts of dolphin swim facilitators we approve of.  We are very consciously devoting ourselves to helping certain facilitators become more conscious of our mission. 

Our Mission Statement  

We, The Blue Dolphin Community of Bimini  ask for all human beings and all dolphins to commit to creating  world peace. 

We commit to helping you communicate with your guardian angels. The guardian angel who loves you so holds your  code to becoming the peace you are. 

We commit to helping you purify yourself of as much fear as is best for you and your current stage of evolution. 

We commit to loving you   

The depth of your  inner peace holds the code  for living.

May we all live happily, lovingly and consciously.

We hold you in our Holy Presence.  We ask that you hold us in yours. 

We are yours in service