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Kathryn Jensen's Golden Spiral Stories

The name Golden Spiral was inspired by my experiences with a Golden Spiral vision experienced one day as I swam in the warm, blue Pacific-spring (2008). My life hasn't been the same since that rather amazing day. I was prompted to imagine a golden spiral-spiraling from my heart to the ocean. I did so, had a rather uneventful swim and went home to meditate. As I meditated I was once again prompted to send the golden spiral out from my heart. A mermaid with a green tail appeared on the other end of the spiral. I burst into tears..very intense. Then I was prompted to do a web search for golden spirals and the heart.

See: Francine is a well know HI artist. I see her frequently at the beach.

We share the same vision!!!

Shortly after this experience I went to a local event multi media event meant to lend support to the dolphins and the whales. The facilitator involved us all in saying a dolphin chant. I smelled salt...I looked around for a gizmo that might be dispensing the smell of ocean salt...nothing...then the name Aka Makai Salana popped into my head.... I went home and looked these words up...Aka Makai means something like "etheric ocean" in Hawaiian.  Salana I'm told, is a Sirian (the star Sirius) name for Heart Song-"Heart Song of the Spirit of Oceana"- That's just the beginning of the story....I did some regression work with a very skilled practitioner. There she was again...the mermaid descending into human form with great trepidation!!! Guess what my core, core issue is...being a human...I'm supposed to be a dolphin you see.

Scroll down for more on the  five Golden Spiral Activations I experienced with the dolphins ..that began with my original vision during that uneventful swim. The dolphins, with their usual brilliance mirrored back to me, with humor, joy and great wisdom, aspects of my core challenges about being human...hence the inspiration for the activations I developed to share with you.

I returned to Colorado mid May.  The cause and effect of those Golden Spiral Activations, experienced during those swims with the dolphins are huge!! I began purifying and healing crusty old, stubborn patterns and issues from this life and difficult past lives...not easy or fun...but very beneficial changes took place and continue to take place physically and emotionally.

The Golden Spiral Activations are activations meant to heal your core issues about being human...we're all in this human experience together and share the same basic concerns.

More on The Golden Spiral

"The Golden Spiral has forever and ever led the human being through evolutionary stages of ascension and this evolution is…in the heart.

"On a physical level "our bodies literal heart, is a dexterous (left spinning) spiral vortex. Sandwiched in the middle of its three layers is a sheet of contractor muscle in the shape of nature’s familiar golden spiral. Like the sun at the center of our personal solar system, this living whirlpool, the size of your spiral fist, contracts and relaxes with great strength as the familiar "lub-dupp beat sending blood rushing from its left ventricle chamber (a smaller spiral whirlpool within it) through 60,000miles of blood vessels. The inner balance we seek, therefore, is already represented within the very fibers of our heart."
The Beginners Guide to Constructing the Universe by Michael S. Schneider – page 154

On an energetic level there are formal stages of human evolution encoded within the heart chakra. As people learn to love themselves as they love others and they make conscious life choices to co-create Earth as a light-filled, peaceful, healing haven.

The Golden Spiral, Dolphin Children and Dolphins

Thoth Transmission through Maia of

"As the Dolphin-Human Love Bridge is strengthened through the focus of the Children of the Wave, so the crystalline structure of the human DNA begins to vibrate and hum in a specific resonance with DNA of the dolphin. This resonance we shall call the "Pi Harmonic." (In Lemuria and Atlantis it was called the "Kii.") This is the harmonic of the Golden Mean Spiral which is registered in the brains of the dolphins and the Nautilus shell. The original human brain was also in resonance with the Golden Mean Spiral, as it will be again in the future through the New Dolphin Tribe.

Human children who are of the "Wave" will be especially key in bringing forth the Pi Harmonic through the vessel of the DNA link between dolphins and humans. They are creating the primary notes in this Symphony of One. While Dolphin Children are incarnating now with greater frequency, there are also adults who were born as "Dolphin Children (of the Wave)," many who are now parents of the newer "Wave" of Dolphin Children."

 Splash is written for the "Children of the Wave."


The Golden Spiral


– The essence of pure love --
§ Each Golden Spiral activation stimulates the awakening of the golden spiral--the frequency of love transmitted from the heavens, through dolphins and whales for only one purpose.

§ Cetaceans pulse the Earth grid and the human heart with the golden spiral to prepare humans for Earth’s conscious choice to ascend.  As Earth ascends, conscious people know that survival depends on being loving and kind.

§ All activations include transmissions to you from the dolphins and whales and use of The Blue  Dolphin Essences and the Essences for the Home Temple- (learn more at )

§After experiencing your activation, we will, as a group, recruit the assistance of the cetaceans, in  sending love and healing from our hearts to groups on our planet in need of assistance.

§You will be encouraged to carry each activation into your daily life for the purpose of healing  yourself and the planet.

§Activations will include viewing videos and photographs of the dolphins who inspired
these activations.



                                                The Golden Spiral Activations

§ 2 hours
I Can Do Anything You Can Do Better!
All season, in my presence or the presence of my human friends, dolphins have been blowing spectacular donut shaped bubble rings-the torus- the first demo was given shortly after my return to HI –a few days after teaching about the torus in my 2007 fall Coat of Many Colors Class.  I showed the class photographs of dolphins  in captivity blowing bubble rings and said I’d never witnessed my HI spinner dolphin friends blowing bubble rings!  Now I have!!!!
You will connect to infinite possibilities!

  § 3 hours
Look at Me Leap!
I woke up one morning after a nightmare about being helpless and impossibly stuck in an old family pattern of behavior.  Depressed, I entered the water to swim with the dolphins.  A dolphin came very close and proceeded to do 360 degree leaps in a circle around me.  Now this was a spinner dolphin.  Spinners spin! They don’t leap…or so I thought. 
Learn to take a leap and do things differently than parents and/or your siblings. 

  § 2 hours
It’s Only Money!
I was irritable on morning before my swim because instead of making $20.00 in a sale of products I lost money.  I entered the water with the intention to cheer up.  We bring big leaves into the water to give to the dolphins as gifts.  They play with the leaves flinging them from their flukes to their tales to their noses…I noticed a dolphin with a dollar bill vs. a leaf on his fluke.  A friend informed me that it was a $20.00 bill!!!!  The dolphin swam by me several times and finally shook his money off his fluke into the hands of one of my best friends. 
Learn to view finances and abundance from a broader perspective!!!

  § 3.5 hours
I Know Who I am!!
I learned the truth about who I am through a series of attunements…activated by the life force of the ocean. Through these attunements I connected with the power of the golden spiral.
Learn about the golden spiral, and the way the golden spiral, with laser sharp precision, activates you for becoming the love you are, so you can with confidence and wisdom, be the peace. 

  § 3 hours
Bonding vs. Boundaries 
I experienced several dolphin swims where the sometimes evasive spinner dolphins came swam very close to me-we didn’t touch but the boundaries fell away-magical swims.  We bonded deeply as we gave love and received love. 

  Then my boundaries were violated in my daily life-a dog bit me, someone backed into my car and a needy person wore me out.  So I’ve been learning the difference between bonding and boundaries. 
Learn the art of bonding vs. setting appropriate boundaries. 


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