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All essence orders include the PDF Book Lightwork, Dolphins and Your Purpose by Kathryn Jensen.

Essence orders of $100.00 or more also include the PDF Book Ashram of the Sea received and translated by Kathryn Jensen.
The books will be sent to you via email after your order has been received.


International Shopping Cart
Home Temple Essence Kits
The Blue Dolphin Essence Kit
Love Light Workbook

  • Ordering Information
    The shipping costs for international orders need to be calculated 
    individually.  Costs vary widely.
  • You will receive a separate invoice for shipping charges after your order is received
  • You may request information on the cost of shipping before you officially place
     an order.  
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Home Temple Essence Kits

 ( Each kit includes five 1 ounce bottles and an 8.5x11, 15 page  instruction manual sent to you via email as a PDF book) 

     Grace $20.00 - A Four ounce Spray Bottle of Grace is the only Home Temple Essence Sold Individually                                    



Communication With Yourself





Communication With Others







Loving Yourself



Loving Others $50.00
All four kits 
The Complete Set of 20 Home Temple Essences





Blue Dolphin Essence Kit 

Cost $$100.00


 Each kit includes 10 one ounce bottles and an 8.5x11,  85 page book sent to you via email as a PDF book.




            The Front Cover is a chart of the Twenty Rays of Love Light       

A Guide for Daily Living
For Children of All Ages
    By Kathryn Jensen

                                         Love Light is the companion workbook for Splash!
                                         For a glimpse within + info. click here! 
                                      Cost $14.50

Love Light  is an 81/2 x11, 22 page workbook filled with practical guidance for children
on how to use the Rays of  Love Light in their daily lives.  

The book will be sent to you via email as a PDF book.



Checks and money orders are also a payment option.  However, PayPal payments are preferred for international sales.

To ensure speedy delivery email and notify me, Kathy Jensen,  that you have placed an order. 



Make *** Checks payable to: Kathryn Jensen. Send checks to Kathryn Jensen's current address.

To receive Kathryn Jensen's current address email her with your request at:

She resides in Colorado and Hawaii.

***Orders within the U.S - personal checks, cashiers check or money orders
        Orders from a foreign country -  cashiers check or money order in U.S. currency ONLY
With each order include: Name, Address and Phone Number, Fax and email

 If you have questions:
Call Kathy Jensen at 303 590 4165

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