by The Committee  
through Kathryn Jensen

Natural Disasters

  The natural holocausts in your lives are often caused by the special forces of the devic kingdom.  The crises, called natural disasters, strongly call for attention from those who live in the area where the natural disaster occurs.  People from all over the world often express support, compassion and  good will.  They hold the disaster victims in their auras as they bathe them in love. 

  Natural disasters are always caused by the breaks in the communion between heaven and Earth.  Natural disasters have occurred on Planet Earth for as long as Earth has been in existence.  Natural disasters occur because the life force of Earth bears the consciousness of Earthís inhabitants.  Even during the billions of years when humans did not inhabit Earth the consciousness of other living things affected Earthís life force. 

  The forces of the devic kingdom respond to the bruising effects of contaminants killing animal and plant life.  Since time began contaminants have pried themselves lose from Earthís crust due to erosion, flooding, temperature variations and other natural occurrences.  These contaminants have killed plant and animal life.  When plants and animals die en masse, in certain locations, the devas pulse these areas with light.

  The dark frequencies, caused by the deaths of plants and animals, attract depleted ones who co-exist with the devas of Earth.  They are also members of the devic kingdom but they represent the consciousness of depletion.  They are called agents of Lucifer. 

  Lucifer is an archangel who has organized the dark forces that have affected life on Earth since the dawn of Earthís existence.  Luciferís forces and the community of angels, who represent love, play equally important roles in the consciousness development of human beings. 

  The natural world mirrors the same interplay between the forces of dark and light.  When contaminants kill plants and animals Luciferís devas enter the contaminated area.  They leave their imprint by furthering the destruction of the area.  Then the light filled devas come to counter the effects of their destruction.  Occasionally a very big conflict occurs between these very different communities of devas.  Those conflicts create every kind of natural disaster known to man. 

  The end result of natural disaster is often destruction of real estate, lives and land-masses.  So once again the opposing devic forces enter the scene.  If human lives are affected the devas respond to their level of consciousness.  If the human victims of disaster are bathed in love and support by others Luciferís agents feel out of place.  The forces of love and light, both human and devic, help all living organisms, including humans, become more elevated in their consciousness of love.  Even plants and animals can re-create themselves at a higher vibration. 

  If Luciferís forces dominate the area becomes dull and lacking in a frequency that nourishes higher life forms.  If humans once inhabited such areas they usually re-establish communities in other, more light filled, areas. 

  So why is this interplay between the forces of dark and light in place on Planet Earth?  How come humans must learn about the power of love through their response to suffering.  Why canít humans just live in peace without interference from the conflicting forces of the devic kingdom?  The answer is very simple. 

  Every time humans heal the fear that is stored in the body, as a result of any kind of disaster, they have the opportunity to replace the fear with love and light. They can make the choice to connect to the forces of Earthís devic kingdom that provide them with life giving support.  They become more conscious of the devic kingdom of the heavenly realms. 

  Humanís who heal become conduits between the forces of love that flow between Heaven and Earth.  Their behavior changes.  They become more motivated to pulse with the forces of love that flow between Heaven and Earth.  Such humans learn about the power of love and the feeling of joy they experience when they themselves become conduits for this love force that pulses between Heaven and Earth. 

Unnatural Disasters

  Of course there are unnatural disasters such as terrorist attacks, fires, rapes, murders, assaults, the effects of war, poisoning, the effects of contaminated food supplies etc.  These unnatural disasters have many causes.  Cruelty inflicted on humans by other humans and human error are the most frequent causes. 

  There is a concern among many of you about the law of attraction.  If you experience a disaster you somehow attracted that disaster.  Like attracts like.  What goes around comes around.  You are receiving a karmic payback.  You link yourself to a belief of being bad and deserving punishment. 

  Many of you are concerned about your role in perpetuating your own abuse.  Sometimes due to the law of attraction you are perpetrators of your own abuse.  Sometimes, however, there are other factors at work. 

  There are no simple formulas for living a human existence.  The law of attraction is an example of a universal law that tends to become overly simplified.  People want answers.  Sometimes the answers are immensely complicated. 

  I will now communicate about another level of the law of attraction.  Very conscious people, who have become conduits of the pulsing of love and light between Heaven and Earth, can, just by being present with another, spark a personís clearing and healing of fear based patterns.  Fear based patterns habitually become lodged in a personís body and these fears are mirrored in the personís forcefield. 

  Many of you know about the clearing of fear that takes place after an energy healing session or an excellent psychotherapy session. You know that when you heal it you often feel it. 

  Many of you have become so bright and so conscious that you heal others just by being.  You heal the person standing next to you in the grocery store.  By healing I mean your light interfaces with a personís fear.  The fear may surface.  The person may leave the store, go home and feel fearful or angry.  The person is clearing fear, feeling it and replacing the fear with light often with no true consciousness of what has taken place. 

  Sometimes however, a person you have influenced or many of you have influenced with your light refuses to feel the fear or in any way allow it to clear.  Such people often have corrupting influences embedded in their bodies and their forcefields. 

  Luciferís cohorts can lodge themselves in the human being. They often enter when a person goes through a personal cataclysm such as abuse or serious trauma.  They can corrupt a personís perceptions of light and darkness.  To maintain their position these Luciferian entities hold a person in fear and communicate how very destructive it is to acknowledge or receive the love and light of human consciousness, Mother Earth and the Heavens. 

  Many of you reading this message are such sentinels of love and light that you saturate your physical environment with the love and the light you represent, Your homes literally become light, healing vortexes that affect people who come within miles of your home. 

  People who are corrupted by Luciferís cohorts may feel very uneasy when they enter your neighborhood or go past your house.  This of course applies to all structures that are saturated with love and light due to the influence of the humans who live or work within them. 

  This is why terrorists often target buildings that represent or house those who commit to being the love and the peace they are.  They are attempting to quell the threatening love and light that bears down on the Luciferian companions they house in their bodies and their forcefields. 

  Acts of terrorism occur and what happens?  The God-Goddess-All That Is life force in many rallies to support the victims of terrorism.  The same process occurs with natural disasters and unnatural disasters.  The victims, their supporters and the physical environment have the potential to become higher in frequency.  People have the opportunity to learn first hand how the power of love transforms the disastrous influence of the dark forces. 

  I am not giving you this message to frighten those of you who vibrate with the God-Goddess-All That Is life force.  Most of you will never suffer at the hands of terrorists or criminals of other kinds.  I am asking you however, to be sensitive to your friends and acquaintances who do suffer from the effects of natural or unnatural disasters.  In your quest for being self-responsible and honing the skill of learning how you influence your reality you can become overly critical of yourself or others who experience disastrous life events.  Instead please do the following:

  If you are the victim consciously receive all of the love and all of the light you are given.  If someone you know is the victim project all of your love and all of your light from your heart to the personís heart.  Let victims know they are loved. 

  This site offers support:

  Learn methods for healing such as those offered in the course  Coat of Many Colors See Recent Communications and read Be the Peace.  Share your experiences and your successes with these materials.  They will published under Data or a new, yet to be created link, called Testimonials. 

Love one another
Be the love you are
Be the peace you are

  Yours in service,
The Committee:

Lord Jesus Christ
Archangel Michael
Lord Maitreya
Djwhal Khul
Avatar Sathya Sai Baba

  We represent the Council of Ein Soph.  The Council is devoted to assisting humans in developing light work technologies that support the human race to becoming peaceful. 

  This was received by Kathryn Jensen.  Lord Jesus Christ was the spokesperson for The Committee.

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