The Twenty Rays of Christ Consciousness...Grace

The Ray of Grace - Metallic Gold – Pentagon


The ray of support for staying in a state of grace through every breakdown, every locked in fear moment, every happy occasion and every very ordinary life event

  The Ray of Grace is a bright, metallic gold color.  This is the ray of angelic intervention.  People with fully activated Rays of Grace are confident in their own personal power to overcome adversity.  They have an internal calm that is of course reflected in outward calm. 

  Those with a fully activated Ray of Grace typically face life head on.  Such people have solidity in their self-expression that helps others, who are upset, access their personal Ray of Grace.  Grace assists people in accessing their own angelic assistants. 

  Grace filled people are often healers or therapists.  Their mere presence is healing.  Golden auras surround people who are filled with Grace.  Their golden auras are merely a reflection of their very well developed souls.  Grace filled people have usually lived through many incarnations.  They have their fearful moments but overall they are quite fearless.  They give and receive love very adeptly.  They are often community leaders, who have an excellent reputation for being ethical and intelligent in their leadership of others. 

  Grace filled people have beautiful altruistic tendencies.  They usually have highly activated heart chakras. 

  Grace embodies all of the rays housed in the first three chakras.  Grace has the brightest color and the most pronounced influence on people. 

  Grace filled people have culminated a series of incarnations devoted to development of the first three chakras.  They have begun opening their fourth chakras.  They are beginning a stage of development known as merging with the soul.

  This has been identified as a level of consciousness development called The Third Initiation.  Those who are in the midst of this initiation have built a very solid foundation for living, and their first three chakras are well activated.  Full activation of the first three chakras continues, as people move through this Third Initiation. 

  This stage of beginning to communicate from the heart, called Third Initiation, can take up to two hundred lifetimes.  During those lifetimes the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh chakras begin to become activated. 

  Human consciousness has a way of developing slowly, which frustrates those engrossed in certain New Age philosophies.  Consciousness development takes time; lots of time.  This stage of development called the Third Initiation can take up to two thousand years.  It can take much, much longer if people are resistant to receiving love or accepting change. 

  Healing fear becomes a strong focus for people moving through the Third Initiation.  Most of you enrolled in this course are working through your Third Initiation. 

  Thus far, you have learned about activation of the first three chakras and how their activation provides you with a safe secure foundation for living and loving on Planet Earth. 

  There are no additional qualities associated with The Ray of Grace. Grace embodies the qualities of all the lower chakra rays. 

  Love one another, breathe and respect your body. 

  The Ray of Grace and the Cetacean Nation

  The Ray of Grace integrates the frequencies of the rays associated with the first, second and third chakras.  Grace is represented by the pentagon.  The combined frequencies of the first three chakras create the pentagon fractal. 

  All cetaceans everywhere receive the frequency of Grace from their light filled counterparts  from Arcturia, Andromeda, The Pleiades and Sirius.  Grace creates the cetacean’s capacity to resonate with the heart of The Great Central Sun.  The fractal of Grace is pulsed by every cetacean through the Earth Grid to the third chakra of Earth.  Grace floods the heart of every human being who begins to communicate telepathically with a dolphin or a whale.  Cetaceans contact people during dream time, meditation and other heart centered activities that open the heart. 

  Grace lifts people out of the dark moments of fear. After people have been contacted by a cetacean, their capacity to remember to ask for help in healing fear is enhanced.  

©Kathryn Jensen 2010

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