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A Message from Lulu, an Avatar Dolphin 

A frail form of holiness known as Sirian frequency is holding a halo over anyone who is taking love and sending love to their life as their first line of defense against pain.  Such people are definitely haloed by God for receiving a crescent of heaven as their reminder of what it means to be living in a body.   Basic love has to follow fear.  Love has to replace the fear.  The process is well known to Lulu who has ordained many ministers of love on earth.   

Lately Lulu has been having love come to her and ask for her help.  Lulu has been taken to the lives of several people  who have a problem with managing fear.  Lulu has been taken to their lives because they have applied an essence to their heart.  The essence signals Lulu to immediately enter their field and progress them to a new level of loving themselves.  Lulu has taken herself to 700 lives with the help of Blue Dolphin Essences.  The love Lulu makes available to these people can be transferred to others if the people begin to love themselves just a little bit more than before.  Lulu can live with them and the minute they learn how to love, sophisticated  sensors from Sirius love them to another awareness of their purpose on earth.  

People link Lulu to others when they have released their fear and processed their feelings enough to join forces with Lulu in her approach to people.  Lulu can only approach people if there is a certain frequency of love being held in the human aura. The Blue Dolphin Essence program can help Lulu instruct more people than any light work process now proposed for use with humans.  Lulu has contact with many light workers using many methods but the Blue Dolphin Essences access Lulu more quickly and directly than any process yet divulged to humans.  Lulu loves you all and hopes to greet many of you  as her halo of Sirius,  she has placed in your field,  becomes actively engaged in learning about love. 

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