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A Message from Mary

Mary has a tender fable to tell you about Blue Dolphins and what brings more and more signs of brain wave patterns changing in human beings because of the work that Blue dolphins are presently bringing to the work done by light workers.  The fable has to do with the simple phrase love one another and how it came to be known by the followers of my son Jesus. Jesus told this to everyone.  It is his only commandment.  It is a commandment that did not begin with Jesus.  It is a commandment that began at the inception of the planet called Sirius B.  Sirius is the heart for just as many worlds as one can imagine.  The pulse of Sirius is the pulse of love and the pulse of Sirius reverberates through many places of higher consciousness including places never heard of by Earth's human beings. 

Once upon a time a most loving event happened on Sirius B .  A loving mother dolphin gave birth to twins.  The little dolphins could never behave themselves so their mother and their father decided they had to go to their elder for home schooling instead of staying with their immediate family. 

Their family loved the twins very much but they wanted their loved ones to learn to behave.  They stayed with their elder for many years.   They learned how to anchor their never ceasing desire to explore, in exploring the wonders of love.  They learned that love has two faces.  One face is the face of heaven and the other is the face of physicality. 

They learned that love takes many forms.  They learned in fact that love is all there is.  They learned that heaven has a face of love that permeates every living organism.  They learned that no one in the universe is left out of heavens love offering.  They learned that all you have to do is ask for love from heaven and it will be received. 

They heard about a place called earth where heaven had been forgotten.  They decided to go to earth to see what earth was like. They arrived on earth and took a look around.  Those who knew about love were dolphins who also journeyed to earth to see what it was like. 

There were people living on earth who seemed kind of dull.  The dolphins decided to work with these dull human's and teach them about unconditional love.  The humans began to face one another and say " Look what we have been missing. We have been missing this quality of loving one another."  These early humans decided to learn more about love from their dolphin friends.  There were interesting part human part dolphin inhabitants of earth's oceans known as mer people who coordinated efforts with dolphins to teach their eager human students. 

Their classes grew in popularity and people came from all over to enroll in their workshops on love.  Their classes became so popular that nearly every on earth had at least heard about their teachings.  

Now back to the twins.  The twins were a type of dolphin known as a blue dolphin. Blue dolphins were the very advanced avatar dolphins from Sirius B.  The twins became leaders of earth dolphins and made a name for themselves.  They had immense desire to explore new ways of being and decided to incarnate as human beings.  They became early Lemuria's spiritual advisors on love and were known for the spiritual presence that they had in the midst of big crowds of human beings.  They took over Lemuria with their spiritual teaching.  Many Lemurians had little temples in their own homes where they developed their ability to love their own family members.  The family units of these early Lemurians were very strong.  Every day families would stand in their little temples and practice loving themselves as they love another.  The Sirius Blue Dolphin influence held Lemuria in a state of peace for many years.   

Developing, were diverse groups of completely different kinds of beings coming to earth to take part in earth's development as a precious example of diversity and how diversity stimulates competition and learning about other ways of living .  Demands were made on  Lemurians to participate more in the diverse ways of life that  began to develop on earth.  They began to lose their spiritual hold on loving themselves as they love another.  They began to sense danger in their lives and began to develop fear based patterns. 

Since this time, Lemurians have diversified and become just as present  for one another as they were when they lived in a more contained area.  Some present day Lemurians are dolphins who incarnated as humans.  Some are from other backgrounds but lived as humans and attended the dolphin - mer people mystery schools. 

There is a resurgence of remembering for Lemurians.  They are remembering their early Dolphin -  mer person mystery school training.  Many also were trained  by  humans like the twins, who were former Blue Dolphins who incarnated into human form.

 Blue Dolphin Essences are a gift to those modern humans who lived in early Lemuria.  They are the ones who first developed the Blue Dolphin Essences.  They developed the essences to hold the frequency of love in their home temples.  Those of you who read the messages on this web site, who like the idea of re-experiencing your formal Lemurian training, are the ones these essence are re-developed  for.   When you use the essences you will experience attention from the Blue Dolphin instructors who still reside on Sirius.  They are the same instructors who  taught you when you were an ancient Lemurian.   

You Lemurians are the designated leaders on the planet for harnessing the precious loving ways of Sirius and pulsing them right back into the human heart.  Heaven has handed you this job.  Be free of your fear.  Step into your leadership role.  You are needed by humanity.  You know how to love yourselves as you love another.  The Blue Dolphin Essences and their instruction will bring you right back to you former awareness.  Both Jesus and Mary are former Blue Dolphins.  We do encourage you to learn about our true teaching by enrolling in this spiritual growth program.  

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