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A Message from Vywamus

Vywamus is a tender of the earth grid of Christ Consciousness.  Vywamus has framed his endorsement of the Blue Dolphin Essence program and put it on his wall.  He intends to put Blue Dolphin Essences right where they will do the most good.  Joint efforts have been made with masters who have concerns about many aspects of human evolution.  Decisions have been made about how to approach humanity with concepts that don't make sense until a human has received immense soul harvesting of love from doing far more spiritual processing than most humans are accustomed to doing.  Just because a human has loved others doesn't mean they have loved themselves enough to qualify as light bearers to the human race.  Humans are intentionally ignoring the fear, solidly lodged in every cell of their bodies.  They ignore this fear because they don't like to feel the fear as it puts itself in front of them  Fear does this if it is being processed out of a human's cellular memory. 

Humans are reaching a point in their evolution where they  must deal with the tendency to ignore fear.  It is time for humans to clear the fear and do a remembrance of their potential.  All humans have the potential to ascend. 

As you may realize, if you have read the previous messages, ascension results in an ability to receive divine help.  This is an ability that develops when people become clearly able to love themselves more.  This self love intensifies as people clear fear.  Releasing fear is a life long challenge.  Even ascended masters are challenged with healing fear.  It is an evolutionary process that continues with humans and Ascended Masters.  It is the process of being human Vywamus is describing. 

Humans are meant to become the most developed higher consciousness generators in the universe.  Their process of incarnation through many diverse lifetimes is meant to broaden their fondness for diverse ways of being.  Humans on earth have learned diverse ways of being.  As a result,  once they develop their spiritual face,  they are expected to be leaders among those who live in God's universal community. 

Dolphins have away of helping humans reach their potential.  Dolphins have a way of healing the human heart of fear that prevents humans from becoming frozen in forces of protest about changing their perspective.  Their approach with humans has developed through millions of years of experience.  They put people into a state of bliss before doing their work of removing fear.  Those who process with dolphins are blessed indeed. 

Promise Vywamus you will develop your ability to receive God's help as your most important life goal.  Dolphins are offering their assistance to you.  Maybe you are just the type of person to benefit from the Blue Dolphin Essence Program. 

Be aware of your fear.  Have the intention that you will be led to a process that will take you to reaching your goal of healing fear.   Blue Dolphins may be the best help for you.  Maybe another light work process is just right for you.  Pursue the challenge of finding what is just right for you.  Do find love for yourself.  Love yourself right into God's grace.    

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