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Take Time to be Sentient in Your Being 

by Sai Baba

Bringing harm to another is bringing harm to yourself.  When you do unto others as you would have them do unto you there is the potential of bringing foes together. The foes are encouraged to learn about hanging hats on the same peg  and bearing down on familiar forces that prevent people from living in peace.  The Bhagavad Gita presents the scripture about Krishna holding his friend Arunja 's hand and taking him into the brave new face of Lord Krishna's formal religion of Hinduism.  Arunja is  told that doing unto others as you would have them do unto you is always  the  sentient promise made from one heart to another heart. 

  Arunja halted at one point on his journey and put himself into pages of literary exploration to figure out what this meant.  He found no one telling anyone else how to help one person love another person.  Arunja found a lot of structures for people to establish in their lives to insure proper behavior among community members but he found no instruction about how to love.  

Baba has been going over the scriptures himself and he is realizing how reading scripture does not teach people how to love.  The time is now to teach people how to love vs. telling them to love.  The Blue Dolphin Essences are one of Baba's  "teach people how to love programs"  that he is co-developing with loving friends from higher realms.  Baba is committed to teaching people how to love and he is endorsing the Blue Dolphin Essences as one formal light work program that has a complete focus on teaching people how love themselves and others unconditionally. 

This is Baba's testimonial. The Blue Dolphin essence program is perhaps one of the most teachable courses in spiritual growth Baba has ever looked at.  The lessons are presented from a unique, refreshing  perspective.    One lesson leads to the next lesson and before a person learns a new lesson they have to master the lesson before it.  Developing human consciousness can be a long arduous journey of peaks and valleys of long painful periods interspersed with blissful periods.  The Blue Dolphin Essences provide methods to stabilize the process of consciousness development.   Development of Consciousness is always a divinely led process and it is always challenging. 

The basic format of the Blue Dolphin Essences encourages primal fear removal as a means increasing the frequency of the heart.  The tendency of people is to live according to their fear's directives instead of their heart's directives. The Blue Dolphin Essences take people to the heart of the matter and  support them in staying there. 

Sai Baba endorses this program because it leads people to Baba’s teaching emphasis.  Baba's instruction is to love one another.  Baba's instruction is promising to be the hailed instruction of the millennium.  Love one another.  Doubt never, the impact of that statement. It takes a great deal of development to truly love another.  Decide what path you will take and no matter what path you choose learn how to love yourself as you love another.  Choose a path that teaches you these lessons on love. 

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