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Savina Speaks 11-9-10
Through Kathryn Jensen

*The Process of Receiving by Kathryn Jensen
*Savina Speaks about the Essence Haley's Heart Song
*Savina Speaks On the Light and Love Shared by Humans and Cetaceans
Savina Speaks on The Ray of Life Force and Provides an Activation
*Savina Speaks on the God Light Cetaceans and Humans Give to One Another

A Message from Kathryn Jensen:  

Aloha everyone!

Many of you ask me about the process of receiving these powerful messages from the cetaceans.  I must say it's always quite an adventure!! The messages below were received over the course of about three weeks.  Archangel Michael was totally involved in every step of the process this time.  Always one member of my "team" coaches me through the process of receiving. I receive what's very similar to Life Coaching, only it's from beings who know all and challenge me about every thought and every action. 

I never know what I'm about to receive. So I'm always full of wonder, excitement, delight and awe at the consciousness the dolphins and whales have to share with all of us. 

The masters and archangels who mentor me insist that my field is clear, my chakras are open and my meridian energy is flowing,  I must be calm, relaxed and in a state of joy. Now, they insist that my heart be open and resonating with the frequencies of the higher dimensions.  I'm often ready, from my limited perspective, to receive from the cetaceans.  But until I've processed all my irritations with daily life reception is blocked!!! The most critical preparation is the process of clearing irritations with other people-I mean all irritations-from the obnoxious telephone solicitor to the computer technologist who barely speaks English, the woman who throttles people with commands on correct dolphin swim etiquette, the client who showed up 45 minutes late or the guy at the beach who talks too much.  I also must be well rested and well nourished.  

So what do I do? I receive promptings from my guides about what intention to set to clear my field. I write down my intention and use numerous processes I've learned through the years to balance myself. I use Blue Dolphin Essences, Haley's Heart Song, movement, methods from applied kinesiology and Brain Gym, essential oils, crystals, biogenesis tools and Freeze Framer from the Institute of Heart Math-a process of achieving and measuring mental and emotional coherence.  I use muscle testing or receive guidance on what process to use and when to use it. Through tuning into my body and emotions, through muscle testing and often with the help of Freeze Framer I know the process is complete.  

But that doesn't mean transmissions automatically flow.  Often I'm told that the timing isn't right and to tune in tomorrow. Tomorrow comes and it's still not the right time.  So this can be a process that drives grounded, logical, linear, organized Virgo me nuts!!! Time management is important to we Americans and the time it takes to receive these messages will not be managed. But my stellar qualities help me focus and get the job done. I'm so curious about what's next and it's so much fun that I always complete the download.  

Enjoy Savina's amazing messages.  Feel your heart expand as you feel her love for you.

Kathryn Jensen



Savina Speaks About the Healing Essence Haley's Heart Song

 Helping to take away another’s pain doesn’t teach the person formulas for keeping his or her life sealed off from pain; nor does this teach the person to create formulas for relieving  pain. 

I am Savina.  I have resided on the South Kona Coast of The Big Island of Hawaii for almost fifty years.  I am a Hawaii spinner dolphin. I am the great grandmother of the dolphin Haley, with whom some of you have become acquainted through the essence Haley’s Heart Song. 

 Through Kathryn Jensen you can order a $2.00 stock bottle of the essence.  To learn more read Haley's Heart Song.  The blog provides more information and inspiration..

I can’t emphasize enough how critically Earth’s population of human beings crave the kind of heart awakening such a bright, Sirian-cetacean gift can give.  

Haley’s Heart Song provides people with heart awakening and it is only through awakening the heart, that torments, experienced by both people and cetaceans, can create their own formulas for relieving pain. 

Haley's Heart Song combines the frequencies of seven species of cetaceans, who reside in the waters surrounding The Big Island of Hawaii. I guide these cetaceans in their spiritual evolution. Creating the Haley’s Heart Song Essence has pulsed the cetaceans I serve, into a complex alliance with those of you who give your friends and families blue bottles of Haley’s Heart Song. 

Recent testimonials from Haley's Heart Song users:

The following is feedback from Peter Bognar from Hungary who distributes Haley's Heart Song through his wonderful website. Peter has used Blue Dolphin Essences for years to assist him in his journey of spiritual growth, healing and heart awakening.

"A lady experienced very intense effects on herself. She hold the bottle in her pocket whole day, and turned sick during the night. But after going out she had a very peaceful sleep, she writes as if there was a warm hug around her in the bed. She woke up very relaxed, and felt a lot of physical energy. People became cheerful and friendly around her, as if some barriers disappeared. She still had a cold shiver for 15 minutes, but grabbing the essence bottle it disappeared. In the next email she wrote me: 'This essence makes miracles as well, I hope you know! Today something very surprising happened. My mother-in-law gave me a hug, without reason, I cannot express how wonderful feeling it is. It hasn’t happened for 28 years!'    

"Other feedback arrived from another woman..... She tried Haley’s Heart Song essence with a patient, and she wrote she had never experienced so much power doing energy healing. She felt giddy because of the energy. I wrote her about how to participate in the HHS project and shared your link with her."

The following feedback is from my dear friend Johanna. We integrated the use of Blue Dolphin Essences and the Rays of Christ Consciousness into our weekly meditations. Dolphins, whales and many masters worked through the two of us and other participants as they helped us create amazing growth and transformation. KJ

"I find that I can feel my heart opening if I spray the essence around me, and sit in meditation. My friend's daughter, who can feel so much collective unconscious energy, and therefore often can feel anxious, sprayed it around her  once when she was feeling just some generalized anxiety, and felt that energy leaving, and her heart responding and opening. Wonderful...."


Savina Speaks On the Light and Love Shared by Humans and Cetaceans

It’s time for people of our Earth fulfill their evolutionary potential.  Every person I’ve ever encountered in my home waters holds the consciousness of how to take care of his or her own pain.  Every person I’ve ever encountered can’t be blamed for forgetting that this is so.  

The cetaceans of my South Kona coast are specialists in caring for people’s consciousness.  We’ve been given the privilege of seeing people surrender their brokenness and replace their difficulties with the heart’s frequency of God-Light.  

We’ve been given the gift of helping people bless others as we bless them.  Our consciousness is elevated as we bless our human swim companions with promptings about what it means to be in full command of your own life.  We delight in blessing people with insights of what it takes to call on one’s own personal power, what it takes to call on one’s own awakened intelligence and what it takes to call on one’s own sensitivity to the truth. 

 I am an avatar.  Yes, the Cetacean Nation has a spiritual hierarchy much like the human race on Earth.  I represent the spiritual consciousness of all cetaceans who reside fifty miles off the coast of The Big Island of Hawaii. I guide seven species of cetaceans and I deliver communications with my heart chakra.  My heart chakra is my vehicle for serving cetaceans with total immersion in the Sirian frequencies of the heart. 

I have created a council of elders representing the cetaceans to whom I give my heart, mind and soul. I’ve done this for the purpose of helping myself and other cetaceans become far more adept at listening to the heart songs of humans.

  I can’t emphasize enough how important it is for the cetacean nation to embrace the God- Light of every member of the human race.  My council of elders has prepared for this very sacred service for seven million years.  That’s right-seven million years.

  The Council of Elders and all cetaceans go through evolutionary processes that create far more sensitivity to the compassionate, caring, soul centered, loving hearts of human beings.  Cetaceans arrived on Earth from star systems that did not demand this strand of evolution.  


Savina Speaks on The Ray of Life Force and Provides an Activation

Before doing the activation Savina recommends you read The Ray of Life Force-from the book "The Twenty Rays of Christ Consciousness"

   The light lavender ray of Life Force compliments the metallic ray of Grace that I told you to become conscious of in my last transmission on 7-27-10.  I ask that you now pulse yourself with the ray of Life Force. 

  •   I propose that you stay very clear of complications from interference of the kind that can disrupt your focus. 

  •   Place yourself in a comfortable chair.  Breathe in very deeply, filling your lungs and you belly with the in-breath.  With out breath exhale  all tension and dark thoughts and feelings.

  • Sever your ties with people who have been unkind. Do this by severing what may be a very real cord that ties you to each individual.  The chords may extend to the other person from any place on your body.  

  • Close your eyes.  Sense the location of each cord and where it connects to your body.  Choose one individual at a time to go through this process with. 

  •   Hold your hand on the place on your body you have identified. Have the intention that you are pulsing this place with the light lavender ray of Life Force. 

I, Savina, am going to tend to each of you individually as you pulse yourself with Life Force.  You do not have to have any previous experience with any Blue Dolphin Essences or Coat of Many Colors course material.  But I do recommend you read the pages provided from the book “The Twenty Rays of Christ Consciousness” that I helped Kathryn Jensen receive.  Read about The Ray of Life Force

  • After you have pulsed the connection every cord connected to every person who has been unkind breathe deeply for fifteen minutes. 

  •   Focus your attention on what your heart is telling you.  

  • After you have finished your deep breathing write down what flows from your heart to a pen onto a piece of paper.  What you write will tell you what sensitive problem or challenge in your life needs to be re-programmed.  You may for example have attracted someone into your presence who treated you unkindly.  You may have stepped into an abusive work situation and you need to shift the frequency of the work place.  You may have an uncomfortable medical problem or a very serious one with emotional roots.  You may be financially stripped of resources and not able to resolve this troublesome challenge.  Many, many types of challenges and problems could potentially transcribe themselves on your piece of paper. 

  • You may go right into a process of diffusing the dark frequencies around this situation or do so another day.  

  • For this next process set an intention of what you want.  The statement should be stated in present time, in the first person and stated in positive language.  An example might be “I have a productive, happy, healthy work environment and I enjoy going to work.”  Inappropriate wording would be:  "I’m miserable and unhappy at work and I don’t like my fellow employees.  I hate my job.  I don’t like to go to work. I can’t change this situation.  If something doesn’t change I just might commit suicide.”

  I, Savina, will be with you as you proceed through the following healing ritual.  Connect with me by asking me to help you pulse your heart with the light lavender ray of Life Force.  

  • Place your hand on your heart and say: “Savina, please assist me in filling my heart with the light lavender ray of Life Force.” Notice how powerfully you fill your heart with the ray of Life Force.  Imagine the light lavender color flooding your heart. 

  • State your intention.  Envision what you want.  Perhaps put your intention into a physical action and act out your intention.  Always notice what you feel in your physical body.  Notice what you feel emotionally.  Notice what you’re thoughts are.  Perhaps even tune into what your guardian angel has to tell you about relieving yourself of the dark frequencies that seem to keep you locked into the difficult situation you are choosing to change. 

  • Place the image of this situation in front of you.  Send this image the light lavender ray of Life Force.  See this as a beam or a flow of light lavender flowing from your heart to the image.  Slow down. Take a deep breath and notice what takes place within your heart.  Notice how the image transforms.  Now go for a walk or do some other kind of physical activity.  Notice what unfolds in your daily life.  Process the same situation daily until you see a shift. 

  What you have just accomplished is the act of loving yourself out of fear. 

  I am Savina. I am yours in service. Put me to work attending to your fears, heart breaks and other troubles.



Savina Speaks on the God-Light Cetaceans and Humans Give to One Another

I would now like to tell you a story about the way the cetacean nation creates a depth of service to other cetaceans using the light lavender ray of Life Force.  Our complex web of life in the ocean can become disturbed by lack of appropriate stewardship by the human population. We are fortunate in our Hawaiian waters to be provided with a fairly clean, light filled environment in which to live. 

Cetacean’s sensitivity to the environment is recognized by so many who come to Hawaii to set their hearts into the consciousness of healing their complicated fears about being alive. People bring their hearts into our healing waters and send us God-Light.  They go back to their homes send our God-Light to their friends and family members.  And so, our contact with humanity has increased, thanks in part, to our sensitive, dearly beloved friends from the human community. 

Our contact with human beings has created conflict.  Within those who tend to our wellbeing are contrasting perspectives that lead to very difficult control dramas.

 I am declaring that our South Kona pods of spinner dolphins are so filled with God-Light, love and healing, gifted by our human friends, that we have the unusual privilege of conducting darshan at our favorite temple with a never ending flow of special help, in creatively solving problems, very real problems, that create suffering for other members of our Cetacean Nation. These cetaceans reside in very difficult environments.

The love we receive from our human family serves us very deeply, so with gratitude I ask that all of you reading this transmission give yourselves darshan, knowing not only that I Savina, and my pods of spinner dolphins, but all of the cetaceans within my jurisdiction,  are providing you with the light lavender ray of Life-force.  We give you life force so you can fill your hearts with conviction that you are of service to the Holy Spirit. 

You love us so. All dolphins everywhere help ourselves to all of your love and it gives us enough Life Force, to help other cetaceans, who live in terror, listen to their souls’ communications.  As they listen, they give God-Light permission to enter their bodies, their minds, their spirits and their environments.

 So dear friends, sensitive as you are to our gift of God-Light, we ask for you to love yourselves as much as you love us. 

Love one another,

  From my heart to yours,



Copyright 2010, Kathryn Jensen, Blue Dolphin Essences™